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The new and improved Booky is stronger and cuter than ever. Bench Fix is a wallet-friendly salon to go to "Unisexual manila" you want good service but have a strict budget. Stylists give you utmost attention and are generous when it comes to post-haircut styling products.

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Reservations are accepted Check them out here View their Instagram account. Azta Urban Salon is known for injecting tons of personality into the hairstyles they create. So, feel free to invite your significant other to join you on Unisexual manila pampering day.

You get quality service at reasonable prices. Founded by David Charlton inthe brand has now become an international one, with branches in L. They also offer treatments and coloring, nail care, threading and waxing, and "Unisexual manila" services. Basement Salon has more than 20 years of hairdressing experience and is known to push the boundaries when it comes to hair.

Jing Monis is one of the most in-demand hairdressers in the country and for good reason: With a career spanning over 25 years, Jing has developed an eye that quickly identifies the kind of look that would flatter the client the most.

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He is also the choice hairdresser of the It Girls. Salon de Manila, headed by Pin Antonio, is known for their precision cuts and color styling.

Their hairdressers are attentive to detail and personalize the hairstyles specifically for the client. Aside from hair services, they also take care of nails and do hair.

Making her own way, Cedar Salon is a modern and relaxing escape for all things beauty.

The interiors give off a spa vibe and their attendants are trained to speak only when spoken to, and in hushed tones. Looking for something else? Why not Unisexual manila out the Booky app?

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