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Intimidating a witness nys penal law


If you perpetrate any degree of Tampering with a Witness no matter if it is a misdemeanor or a felony, you will face significant consequences that will require the assistance of an experienced New York criminal lawyer.

If you attempt to or actually induce a person not to show up to a proceeding, such as a court hearing, or to testify before a Grand Jury, you have likely violated the New York Penal Law as it "Intimidating a witness nys penal law" to Witness Tampering.

New York State Law

Punishment for Tampering with a Witness runs the gamut and can be as "little" as up to a year in jail. The more serious Tampering with a Witness crimes are felony offenses and depending on the degree, a conviction for any of these Tampering with a Witness charges can land you in state prison for a significant period of time.

The links above addressing the different degrees of Tampering with a Witness contain further legal analysis as to each of the charges.

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