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How to write a good hookup profile summary


Not meeting the kind of women you really want on OkCupid? Chances are your profile could use a reboot. Keep reading to learn which prompts are the best ones to answer, and get awesome OkCupid profile examples you can use right now to attract the best local women in no time! OkCupid profiles consist of 10 possible sections.

For each section, you can select one prompt to answer from a list of 6. When maximum attractiveness is your goal, here are the best OkCupid profile prompts to answer — along with a few effective examples for each one!

The key to writing a...

It hits all the right notes: It helps to think of your profile like a commercial that puts forth all your best features. If you travel quite a bit, and have the photos to back it up, a Self Summary paragraph that highlights your sense of adventure will elevate you from the more boring masses: Keep in mind the key to writing an attractive profile is simple: Providing an example of how you embody a specific quality is more attractive than just telling her you have it — i.

What makes one woman giggle might turn off another.

CoffeeMeetsBagel Profile Example

Notice how the job description in both of the profile examples above is balanced with a few lines about what you like to do for fun. Mention activities she can picture herself enjoying with you, like travel. You can make that sound just as appealing: Studies have shown women are attracted to traits like bravery, courage, and a willingness to take risksso try to choose a few hobbies that illustrate how you embody those traits. In this example, scuba diving, surf boats, and fast moving boats fill the bill: The second prompt is the strongest choice because it gives you the best chance to form a connection via a mutual interest, as in these two examples: Specific details make you more relatable, and the more she feels she knows you the easier it will be to get her number.

Resist the urge to make a laundry of everything you like. The secret to an effective list in a dating profile is simple: But it goes without saying you want those thoughts to make you look like a good partner prospect. Here are two examples of great answers for this OkCupid profile section: Describing your typical Friday night gives her a sneak preview of what spending time with you could be like. Just make sure your description sounds genuine — online daters tend to be more attracted to profiles that seem successful, humble and real.

It comes off as overly picky and a bit shallow. Besides, you can screen for those features using the search criteria.

Instead, pick a few non-physical characteristics and traits that are important to you, and tell her about them in an interesting way, like this: Regularly updating your profile by altering the text here and there will keep you in the top of her search results. Here at VIDA, thousands of guys just like you have been taking advantage of our profile writing service since With a magnetically attractive OkCupid profile on your side, you could be out on a date with a beautiful woman as soon as this weekend!

Click here for more information! They're kind, good-looking, intelligent, funny and some of the most genuine people But they don't know how the HELL to make a good Tinder profile.

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