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Statistics of sexual harassment cases in malaysia


Fearing repercussion, and a system that offers little protection, victims of sexual harassment in Malaysia don't always speak out. Graphic by Vikneswaran Gnanasegran.

But the victory was bittersweet; it had taken all of six years, 10 months and four days to get vindication in a case she says should never have become that complicated. He asked her to pray to God for a dream of her having sex with her future husband. Yet, he sued her for defamation when she complained against him to his superior.

He demanded an apology and half a million ringgit as damages. She sued him back for the mental and emotional pain his unwanted advances had caused her. The High Court found in her favour.

Mohd Ridzwan pursued the case all the way to the Federal Court. Asmah was forced to fork out nearly RM, in legal fees and spent hours at psychiatric clinics for the distress she went through. It was nearly seven years before Asmah received justice from the courts. They let their abusers go free. But Asmah chose to fight. The year-old accounting graduate was not letting him get away with his rude and lewd behaviour.

The lack of current statistics...

Female journalists, male politicians and the epidemic of sexual harassment in Asean. Tali itu disambungkan dengan buah kelapa. Kalau 20 it shoots up. If he is 20, it shoots up.

“It is sad to see...

If 30, the graph will go down. We need to talk to our children about consent. The above incidents were reported in detail and judged as true in the verdict by the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Suing Asmah for defamation shows only one facet of the retaliation victims like Asmah face. Reprisals can come from other sources too, like the public and the media, the very same parties demanding victims to report their abuse. When we published our report on how female journalists in Southeast Asia are sexually harassed by male politicians, we received a barrage of comments from readers.

They were angry and sympathetic. But a good deal also blamed the journalists for tempting the behaviour Statistics of sexual harassment cases in malaysia for not reporting. Seems like you are the one baiting them to me.

When Asmah went public with her story, she received this same treatment. She heard rumours that people believed her transfer to another department meant she was the guilty party. Victims often become targets of doubt, abuse and threats by the public.

Such standards clearly do not apply to perpetrators, who are often excused for their actions. She collected witnesses and evidence.

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