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This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit.

The local office of 1st Franklin is awesome. All the ladies are a pleasure doing business with I have been a customer of them for over 2 yrs and have always had a problem with the main office not reporting my payments for 2, and sometime, 3 months I was told 2 yrs ago, when I made the 1st loan with them, that they do report every months.

Today is Oct 6th, and they have not reported on my account and payments to any of the 3 credit bureaus since July 30th! They aren't good to fool with because I had a "Postrzeleniec online dating" and I went back and refinanced it and a few months later I got sick and miss a payment and I started getting phone calls and a garnish letter to have my earnings garnish.

They are Postrzeleniec online dating company that won't work with you. The interest is too damn high and they aren't professional at all. I have been trying to rebuild Postrzeleniec online dating credit and the loan has been paid off about 3 or 4 years ago and they won't even remove the negative errors from my report but I'll never or will never refer anyone to this company.

Instead of them trying to help you improve your credit they trying to destroy it. Disabled War veterans beware!. They are very very unAmerican and do not care about anything but their interest.

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They will prey on you by sending you letters in the mail to borrow money and misrepresent themselves via advertising. When I talked to the Manager I'm not really sure if I can be approved but after she explain to me all the rules and requirement I'm so glad I got all the information and Postrzeleniec online dating to borrowed money that day.

I really appreciate all the help and I'm so glad I went there to do business. I will recommend that company to everybody. I would recommend this loan company to anybody. I say that because the employees there they ask you how you're doing? They also ask you how your day have been going. They are very nice and reasonable people to get a loan from. If you don't have all the money for Postrzeleniec online dating loan they will let you pay half before it's due.

The other half you have to let them know when you are going to be in with the rest. This is a very friendly and professional business. I'm going to be sticking with this company for a long time. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Applied for a small loan on Monday and was told they would get right back with me. These people are so wrong They filed court papers on me the first time and I agreed to pay.

I got behind and they filed again after I made a payment. Don't go to Postrzeleniec online dating people and they say they're in it to help families. Don't go to these people bc the minute you can't pay they file papers on you.

I went last week to apply for a very small loan, the smallest FF allows, I have been a customer for over 10 years, never a day late or a dollar short, my credit has improved a lot since my divorce, I even have a credit card I was turned down. F Franklin discriminates against the disabled and people on a fixed income Thanks for turning me down, you all did me a favor, especially with the outrageous Postrzeleniec online dating First Franklin charges.

Do not use 1st Franklin, my account has been closed for a year and "Postrzeleniec online dating" have NOT reported it to the credit bureau. When asked they said they did, when confronted with credit bureau on the phone they said they would do it right away. When I called back they sounded like idiot trying to answer a question.

19 1st Franklin Financial Consumer...

They said they have reported for 2 year because they would have to pay fines? The office in Cumming is the most unwilling to cooperate I've ever dealt with in my 55 years of living. They do not appreciate you at all so keep your money from them. They won't communicate over email. Everyone communicates over email. I will be very happy when they are paid off and I "Postrzeleniec online dating" not recommend anyone doing business with them.

If you cannot call from your job during the day, definitely don't deal with them! I had a loan with First Franklin three years ago. First Franklin is not a good place to get a loan. They will not try to work with you when making payments late and they will call you at least four times a day.

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They called me from different cell numbers, since I didn't answer their business line. Also, they threaten me with garnishment, even though I was a month or two behind and I called and told them my situation. There was a period of time where they did not report, so they would not get fine. I had to call Equifax to get them off my credit, since I already had paid them. First time dealing Postrzeleniec online dating Franklin Financial awful dishonest crooked people Me my family were homeless.

I been working a few months so I took out loan from instaloan Franklin bought this company After me talking with first loan company I was upset. Franklin sends me a paper saying in guaranteed ? So that's when they say Postrzeleniec online dating we own your loan" so instead of treating me right seeing plainly I was mischarged Franklin yea they do you right aight crooked people, crooked business overcharging a homeless family who already poor When going to this company I expressed to them I was rebuilding my credit and wanted to make sure Postrzeleniec online dating report to the major credit bureaus.

I was told, twice, they do and they had a sign in the office stating they do. It has been several months and nothing has been reported. Upon calling the corporate office I was told that two years ago it was an executive decision to suspend reporting!!! I told the rep I was just told a few months ago that you report! In her sweet rehearsed voice she repeats her speech to me, saying that possibly by the end of the years they will again report!

I must say to their good the workers in the Stockbridge Ga. Looking for someone to buy my loan!!!

We accepted a loan from 1st Franklin to help offset some of our Christmas costs. When we ran into some financial troubles early in the year, this resulted in some late payments to our creditors.

From "Postrzeleniec online dating" one of being late, I received at Postrzeleniec online dating 4 calls per day, and when I could finally reach out to 1st Franklin, I was told that after I was a month behind, that they were moving to collections. I tried to resolve this with customer service and management, I was met with unprofessional behavior and a very judgmental attitude.

This information was brought to me in what I felt was a very threatening manner. I am Customer Care Coordinator for a local engineering manufacturer and if I addressed any of my customers this way, I would have been fired immediately, regardless of whether the customer was on-time or late with their payments! Postrzeleniec online dating you find that you absolutely have to apply for a loan, stay away from this company! If you even fall a little behind, you will be met with several calls daily and lawsuit threats.

I know that I should have taken better care of this account, but this company's staff behavior specifically the management is WAY beyond unacceptable. Maybe they should try to take in account that there are some good people that just run into bad situations sometimes.

Exploiting your customer's misfortunes is really not going to good for your business. Something happened to my car where I had to file a claim.

It took over 4 months for the check to get sent to the company to fix my car. Never again will I ever use 1st Franklin Financial Corporation. I do not recommend anyone to get a loan from this company. I have gone through too much with them. I've been with First Franklin for over two years. I was in the hospital and was late on my payment. They called me at work and told me I had to make Postrzeleniec online dating payment on or before Tuesday the 30th.

I explained that I was getting paid the next day on the 1st "Postrzeleniec online dating" would happy to pay then. She told me that no I couldn't do that and they would start the paperwork to turn over the account.

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