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Things to remember before the public examination of a dissertation. The progression and formalities of the public examination of the dissertation may vary between faculties, so remember to check the guidelines of your own faculty.

It is useful to beforehand check the lecture hall where the dissertation takes place. Agree with the janitors about the media you might need in delivering your thesis, e. It is polite of you that everyone can hear the discussion held during the dissertation.

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Doctoral candidates can publish their dissertation in a University series, through a commercial publisher or simply as a handout. Have the material edited and ready for publishing no later than one month before the public examination. The dissertation is to be sent to the Publishing Services via email, before which a sciencific editor's written permission for printing is required. The Publishing Services will finalize the layout of the dissertation as well as supervise its printing and delivery.

The candidate is responsible for 6 w pracy i dziecko online dating copies of the dissertation only to the Rector, the chair of the public examination, the scientific editor in the Faculty of Humanities the main supervisor and the opponent a total of 4 copies. Be prepared for a reception serving coffee or sparkling wine after the public examination of the dissertation.

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You can reserve the coffee and refreshment service for example from Semma6 w pracy i dziecko online dating the premises from the University's Facilities service.

Remember to think about, who are you going to invite to the public examination and who to the reception, and find out whether the department will partly pay the bill. The Custos inquires from the Opponent whether the preparations for the post-doctoral celebration 6 w pracy i dziecko online dating be started. If you are arranging the post-doctoral celebration, plan the invitationsreception service and the programme, reserve the premises, and prepare to a speech of thanking the Opponent and others.

Depending on the place and time, take care of the decorations, lighting, sound reproduction, orchestra etc. Usually people are invited to the public examination and to the post-doctoral celebration at the same time. Make an agreement with the Custos upon clothing business suit, tailcoat or academic dress. The Custos informs the opponent about the agreement. The Custos ensures that the Opponent knows the time and the place of the public examination.

Make arrangements with the PR and information office of the University on the media coverage of the dissertation. Plan a press release and get pictures taken of yourself. Read up on the tips and guidelines on releasing information! Prepare yourself for the public examination of the dissertation by thinking about the questions the Opponent might possibly ask.

Remember that the public examination is rarely an examination to the letter, and that dissertations are almost never rejected at this stage.

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