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Tallis london street views online dating building that provided Isaac Manfield and his family with a home no longer exists. The whole block between Red Lion Street and Hand Court is now taken up by the modern steel and glass MidCity Place, but the Red Lion Street section used to consist of 15 houses, that is, excluding the corner properties. Although Manfield is listed in the Street View index as a wire worker, he was much more.

Tabart describes the various stages of the wire production see p. Wire-workers produced all kinds of wire in different metals and one thing that could be made with the wire was bird cages.

A wire-worker who produced cages might as well sell the birds to go with the cage. Isaac placed various advertisements in the newspapers to announce the arrival of newly imported birds from India or Senegal; one of the advertisements also mentioned that he could supply millet seed. His signature certainly does not look as if he is in the best of health.

She was still listed in the Post Office Directorybut no longer in the one for Was he perhaps working for his brother-in-law? She was the daughter of Isaac and Hannah and the marriage between Rebecca and James had taken place in November The strange thing is that she is then still called a spinster, but there can hardly be any confusion as she is definitely listed as the daughter of Isaac Manfield.

Another possibilty is of course a divorce, but before divorce records were not kept in a national register, so are harder to find. Whatever happened there, Joseph and Susannah were living at 68 Tottenham Court Road at the time of the census and Tallis london street views online dating them Hannah Mansfield, her mother.

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Hannah died in Not only Tallis london street views online dating the name of the street where Meabry had his shop disappeared, the plot on which the shop stood is now just a piece of pavement in front of the entrance to the Shaftesbury NCP car park.

The tax records, however, list him in Broad Street in where he took over from one Robert Snowden, also a grocer. The southern section of Museum Street used to be called Bow Street. The brothers both died of consumption; Richard in and Henry in She died there in The last mention I found for Sarah there is Inshe is living with her widowed uncle John Patchett he had married Sarah Rishforth, another sister of her mother Elizabeth.

From the census onwards, we find Sarah "Tallis london street views online dating" on her own means in Verulam Terrace, Hammersmith, where she was to die in But back to John Meabry who continued to run his grocery shop at 1 Broad Street. Son Charles born also seems to have worked in the shop, but he was never a partner. John died in Septemberonly a month after his wife. William never married and died inas far as I can find out without leaving a will.

Charles died inleaving a widow and daughter. This would be the end of this post, but there is a little more to say about the final resting places of some of the Meabry family members.

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Most of them could be identified, and yes, you probably guessed, some of the Meabry family were indeed laid to rest in one of St. AO found the remains of John Meabry, his wife Elizabeth, their daughter Louisa, who died aged just eight years old, and their son William.

The coffins were found to have been rearranged at some point in the past, probably in when the order was given to seal off the vaults. However, families were usually still found together in the same vault, albeit not necessarily in the same stack.

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