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Always strive and prosper tattoo


Register Login Search this site: I had the work done, but the artist made them Always strive and prosper tattoo too big, thick, dark, and deep. I waited a few days, and expressed my concern to the artist, who told me to just wait the healing process out since the lines would "thin out".

So, unable to afford laser removal, I took matters into my own hands. Before the tattoo could heal, I went at it with a hard nail file and basically removed my skin. I filed down DEEP, and the ink was still there, because he went way too hard with the gun. So I gave it a few days, then went at it again, this time picking the ink out with a needle.

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I know it looks gross, but the process is working because today a Always strive and prosper tattoo of the scab fell off, taking the ink with it. You can already see it being much lighter. I've been using rubbing alcohol and aloe vera to control the wound and avoid infection. I haven't put any bandaging on it because I want it to dry out and scab up so it will fall off eventually. I understand that this will likely leave me with permanent scarring, but I'd rather have that than the tattoo.

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Now my question is: I've heard of salabrasion, but that's essentially what I'm doing, except without the salt. Any comments or advice would be helpful, Thanks!

Few days after getting tattoo Picture 3: Day after filing down Picture 4: In the uk asap means 'as soon as possible' I would stop doing what your doing Asap. Im actually pretty speechless, that finger now looks ready to drop off. Always strive and prosper is the motto of a group of artists from New York but yes, in every-day Always strive and prosper tattoo it would mean "as soon as possible" It may seem bad but it's actually not as bad as it looks.

Think of it as a blister on your foot.

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It's essentially a friction burn that blistered over and is now scabbing and healing up. I'm not happy with the mess either, but as long as it's not infected i'm not complaining. I'm just glad it's not my finger lol. I would of left it be tbh, it would of fell out eventually anyway.

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