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Are you hypersexual quiz


Sex addiction is a topic that many people find interesting, even fascinating. People want to know the facts of sex addiction. The questions that many people want to find answers for are. This article will attempt to give you some guidelines to those answers. I cannot diagnose Sex Addiction over the Internet, and you should not diagnose yourself, or others, either. But having reliable information on what is currently known will help anyone to know if they might need to seek professional help — or reassurance, if they are unsure.

Help is available, although the data on the success of such help is still limited. Mostly, help is provided by CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy — a form of counselingsometimes medication, and also screening for other mental health problems — more on that later in this article. The DSM is the reference document used by mental health workers and others, as a guideline for diagnosing all psychiatric conditions.

These are the categories Dr Kafka suggested, as the different areas covered by the overall term of Hypersexual Disorder — i. What do these terms mean? These are diagnostic categories used by psychiatrists to diagnose sex related mental health disorders, and are beyond the scope of this article. However, the category of Sexual Desire Dys-regulation is interesting, because it describes an in-balance of chemicals in the brain, which is similar to the known in-balances that occur in other forms of addiction.

It has been known for several years that dys-regulation of other chemicals, such as Dopamine, change how the brains of addicted people work, and that affects their behaviour.

The Dopamine in-balance involved in most addictions can also affect how people with addictions, think and feel. I repeat, I cannot diagnose Sex Addiction over the Internet, and you should definitely not diagnose yourself either, but reliable information is not something that should be kept secret, and unavailable "Are you hypersexual quiz" interested, or concerned, people.

Therefore I have quoted below, the criteria suggested by Kafka to indicate Sex Addiction. A, B and C must all be present.

There Are you hypersexual quiz associated personal distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning C.

The problem is not associated with a drug of abuse or a medication. Outlets for people fulfilling the above criteria might include: When these outlet activities also fall within the above criteria A, B and C, they could be considered as being a Sex Addiction.

Examples of the sorts of questions you might ask yourself if you think you Are you hypersexual quiz have a sex addiction might be:. The frequency, and time spent doing, any of the above activities, are important factors. However, the main factor is whether these activities are seen as being problematic to yourself or others, not the actual time spent or frequency of any activity. That said, if you are spending many hours watching computer porn, or similar activities on a computer, you are also running the risk of developing a computer addiction.

I think most people know when some activity they are doing is becoming a problem, even if it is not yet a full Are you hypersexual quiz addiction. The message is always: It is much, much, easier to prevent an addiction from developing, than to deal with it successfully once an activity is completely out of your control addiction.

If you, or someone you know, might be wondering about whether they have a sex addiction or not, it is important to seek professional advice.

Sex addiction, clinically known as...

There are at least 3 reasons why you should do this:. You may have some other condition, such as Anxiety, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder amongst others that might be causing you to behave in ways that cause you or your family, distress and anxiety. If that is the case, treating both conditions would increase the success of your treatment.