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Mutare pastor caught in homosexual relationship


THE church across the globe is coming under increasing pressure to officially recognise and embrace homosexuality, with some self-proclaimed gay pastors claiming that misinterpretation of scriptures was used against their sexual orientation. Although most parts of Europe now officially recognise homosexuality as a human and sexual right, the church and African society — which regard dissident sexualities as an abomination — have stood their ground against the practice.

Most attendants were shocked by the presence of ordained gay pastors from Christian churches as well as Moslem Imams, whose religions traditionally reject homosexuality.

The pastors are part of the worldwide lobby pushing for the acceptance of lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual LGTBI people in religious organisations and demanding an end to their persecution. In Germany, gay people are often seen openly kissing and showing intimate affection for each other in public. She said she was legally married to her gay partner. Muhsin Hendricks, a South African Moslem cleric who was once married to a woman, but is now married to his gay partner, said the current attitude of Moslems on homosexuals was disturbing.

Hendricks said the Mutare pastor caught in homosexual relationship attitude by Moslems on gays was that even HIV and Aids was a punishment for homosexuality. Although he is a father of Mutare pastor caught in homosexual relationship, he claims his previous marriage to a woman was not satisfying and lacked affection as compared to his current marriage to another man. The gay pastors and gay Imam from Africa claimed the Bible and Koran were being read out of contest by those against homosexuality.

They argued the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was not about homosexuality. While Europe has made tremendous strides to legitimise and accept homosexuals, there are still people in the developed countries who are against homosexuality, especially religious communities. December 8, at The gays are hated even in the US itself. How can we be worse than pigs and dogs? Here in Africa we must shoot the fags in the head.

Or condemn them off to Eirope and the US where they will be welcomed! December 10, at 6: They are an abomination to him. A curse to society. December 8, at 1: December 8, at 2: God created, the Earth and the Heavens and everything in it just the way he wanted ithe never made a mistake in his creation. God loves each and everyone of his creation just the way it is. Our God is God of love not have. December 9, at 9: God created Adam and Eve1 man 1 wife anything else was not in Gods planyet Zimbabweans Mutare pastor caught in homosexual relationship hypocrites they are busy making noise about gays how many gays are in Zim.

December 9, at Are you telling us there where no polygamous relationships in the bible? Where did the bible condemn such as it did homosexuality? I stand with his excellency in condemning homosexuallity,if they say the bible is being wrongly interpreted,then give us the scriptures that support your dogmatic behaviour.

Even animals know their mates. The filling of the gay blacks by fellow blacks shows us what happens when a foreign culture if forcedly impossed onto a given society…. Dont be an illiterate idiot. Neither is it recent.

Its an old word. Homosexulas have been in African societies for time immemorial. Homosex exist in other animals as well besides humans. Its an act looked down upon in Africa but that doesnt mean it does not exist. December 9, at 8: YU are pro-gay man! If yu love them gays then go to Europe and join them in their gay-pride marches! December 9, at 5: You see goofball,Its a civil rights issue.

Its an issue African societies have to look at and debate. You have no right to stifle debate on any issue. Unlike you I would like African scientists to carry out credible investigations and see if homosexuality does not exist in people of African descent. If it does not then why do we have people who are like that. Would you like your son or daughter to move to Europe? How do we deal with it. Shouting pigs or dogs is not solving a problem. Its called Mutare pastor caught in homosexual relationship the can down the road.

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