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Bob ley sexual harassment


How Baylor mishandled sexual assault allegations against several football players leads to massive changes. Police records, depositions and interviews shed new light on what happened at her half-sister's home.

After a life of football, Joe Namath fears he has brain damage. But he's sold on a dubious treatment -- and wants others to buy in, too.

When a year-old high school football player was found dead, hanging from a swing set, news reports called it a "lynching. Watch Shaun Assael's story.

Even after all his awful secrets came out, Joe O'Brien held on to the craziest dream. He would coach again. Behind the NFL's donations for brain research is a funding apparatus that some researchers believe steers research away from potentially uncomfortable truths about football and brain disease.

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The widespread perception that Spygate was worse than was ever made public turned Deflategate into what one owner terms a "makeup call" by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his league. Chris Borland loves the sport, but the further he steps away from the NFL, the more pointless and damaging it seems. And if his views spread, the game may never be the same.

Bob Ley still wears monogrammed...

Wrestling's most famous winner is taking on one final battle: To save his sport and all he's ever been. Thompson Watch Photo gallery. Heisman winner Johnny Manziel can't escape the pull of his celebrity, and it could derail his career.

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