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Broken leg blog


Hale entered the examining room, my X-Ray was on the viewing screen.

He shook my hand and began …. My leg continues to chatter like a hungry kitten. Every now and then it roars like a lion. But we have built a solid relationship based on mutual respect and trust — that is my leg and I, oh and also with Dr.

Everything looks very good. Do you have any pain anywhere? I felt myself stop breathing. Your pain is normal, especially in the knee area. Broken leg blog you are 6 months ahead of where I thought you would be at this point.

He went on to say that as bones heal they get larger then reduce back to normal size. That swelling is normal, to be expected, but gave me a prescription to reduce it a bit. He encouraged me to stay with my exercise program, to stress my leg to the limits of my pain threshold — all of this would enable me to recover Broken leg blog and strong.

Jo was going on a...

In other words "Broken leg blog" doing what I have been doing. My knee has been a bit noisey. InI tore my ACL and medial meniscus playing pickup football. In those days, they simply removed the damaged tissue instead of repairing them so I have lived without an ACL for 43 years. I have a fair amount of arthritis in my knee as well, normal for a 60 year-old. As a result of not having an ACL, and staying very active all my adult life, the surrounding muscles — quads, etc have overdeveloped in order to provide support for my knee.

With this recent incident and the associated atrophy of the muscles in my right leg, the knee is acting up. Some days Broken leg blog is quiet and well behaved, other times it chats up a storm. I listen carefully, and then we have a chat about what to do. Sometimes I back off my activity, other times I push thru it. All I know is that the more active I am, the less feedback I get. At the last visit with Dr. Hale in March, we discussed my plans to walk, hike and climb again.

I was hoping for a Broken leg blog on my birthday or an Autumn big one. He gave me the all clear to begin my plans but deep down I knew my heart was stronger than my leg.

Today, I broached my passion once again. He sat down as I talked.

As I lay on the...

He looked me direct in my eyes with full attention. I new he wanted to be encouraging but also to set expectations. Hale nodded in agreement. And Broken leg blog that my future was set.

I know my guardrails, I know my stop and start signs. I know my body, and I know my heart. A fundraiser was held to offset the costs they incur. Staffed by volunteers, they are self funded and thru donations. They do not charge for rescues or receive any government funding. The same phrase applies to other disciplines for example pilots. He is the only person to have climbed ten mountains higher than 8, meters after turning 60 including K2 and Everest.

I was looking forward to meeting him on Dhaulagiri this past spring. So where to Broken leg blog from here? I am making good progress. My leg is healing.

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My muscles need to be rebuilt. My knee will come back as my quadriceps strengthen.

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