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Sexual harassment in todays business environment


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Servers and others in the hospitality industry are some of the most common harassment victims. Has the twenty-first century seen the beginning of the end of sexual harassment in the workplace? Anybody may be a workplace sexual harasser, not just coworkers or others employed by the same company. Could be a co-worker. Could be the FedEx courier, or the IT vendor. Could be a client or customer. Not surprisingly, those at risk are the most vulnerable workers, be they isolated in farm fields, or in factories, or in a large white-collar company just read the daily news.

Hostile work environment sexual harassment...

And not just women, though they make up the most commonly harassed group by far. And the group of vulnerable employees includes, for example, high-powered folks such as female barristers in the UK.

And a new suit brought against a restaurant by the EEOC starkly illustrates the situation. I have always advised that, along with proper training, a top-down culture of zero tolerance is important.

Employers should understand that, from the top down, an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment tone and policy must be set, and all management personnel as well as line workers must be trained and educated in the basics of discrimination and harassment law, and compliance and its application in the workplace.

This EEOC case sort of proved my point — but, sadly, in reverse: He also offered several female workers money in exchange for sex.

An employment lawyer commenting on the Australian survey discussed above said it right: Even if the assault is at the lesser end of the scale it can result in Sexual harassment in todays business environment health injuries, which are just like any other injury under work health and safety laws. You can reach him at Richard.

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