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Kenya moore dating african oil tycoon


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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Apr 1, 1. Is Kenya really dating an oil tycoon or is this another publicity stunt?

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Kandi with her camera-man, Phaedra with her ex-convict, Porsha and her divorce Apr 1, 2. Sounds like a publicity stunt. Apr 1, 3. I heard this rumor before it aired on the show last night Apr 1, 4.

She's dating some dude from Dubai.

There may be a reason...

Apr 1, 5. How is that her success though. The man does not have to give her a single red penny which here, we no longer want. Apr 1, 6. Kenya Moore is a pathological liar.

Apr 1, 7. By African, they mean Black.

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By Oil, they mean Chevron. By Tycoon, they mean coone.

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