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Dating a sugar mama


The story has not always gone the same way for the fairer sex. Women have been raised to be the perfect accessory to their male counterparts. They are warned against strong opinions or even talking too much for fear of scaring off potential husbands. Basically, society in the past has deemed ladies worthless without a committed man. With little to no means at an education and economic advancement, this was the only option for women for a long time. The trend is closely followed by changes felt in the workforce as well as the family structures.

As their bank accounts grow, so does their confidence and their power in social Dating a sugar mama, including relationships.

The Power Change: Creating a...

Since she has no one to answer to but herself, there is no compromising, only going after her dreams. For a sugar momma, this means building a noteworthy career and having fun at the same time. For a sugar mamma, all the material possesions a material girl could want or Dating a sugar mama are just as far away as their designer wallet, so nearly all of the traditional reasons one would enter into a serious relationship are gone.

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