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Winston wu dating profile


Quotes about Winston Wu. About Winston Wu Page. They simply follow the pack. You are one of the exceptions. He has been featured on radio shows, magazines, websites and even television news.

Wu has been described by some as among the most atypical and unique Asian males on the planet, for almost everything he says, thinks and does is "outside the box". Some consider him a hero and inspiration, while others consider him a dysfunctional loser for not conforming to the system.

Here is his biography in his own words about how he emerged from a turbulent hellish childhood to a transcended state of mind and life that serves as an inspiration to others. Hello, my name is Winston. I consider myself to be a Renaissance man, freespirit, Existentialist, free-thinker, nonconformist, philosopher, writer, actor, seeker, adventurer, spiritualist, an Winston wu dating profile soul, and lover.

As a result, I connect with and prefer the company of open-minded, nonjudgmental, free-spirited people who are intellectual and spiritually-attuned to some degree. I am an Asian American of Taiwanese descent. Unlike most Asians who simply follow the pack and don't think for themselves, I do.

Whereas most of them are rigid conformists, I am a freethinker and freespirit, which sometimes makes other Asians uncomfortable around me and avoid me. Also, they believe that the purpose of life is to work hard and suffer Winston wu dating profile glory and honor, while I believe that the purpose of life is to enjoy it and live to the fullest.

Thus, me and typical Asians have some intrinsic differences. Though I am wild, passionate, free-spirited, sensual, romantic, and feeling, I am also intellectual, shrewd, insightful, cerebral, organized, and practical as well. Such a blend makes me more like a European or Latin than American or Asian, as I tend to have far more common with the former than with the latter.

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