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Hookup culture debate


The issue of sexual assault on college campuses has become an important conversation in the media, academia and among students themselves—including Duke students. According to the National Sexual Violence Research Center, one in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college whereas 90 percent of sexual assaults will go unreported.

It has found that in the year The dominant narrative regarding this widespread problem argues Hookup culture debate although sex should remain completely free, it must also be consensual. In other words, although no code of morality should regulate sex—other than the code of morality one prescribes to oneself—the prevention of rape and sexual assault relies on the fact that both sexual partners agree to the same sexual act.

Recent Opinions

The problem is that what consent means has been subject to debate in recent years. However, in Hookup culture debate early s, feminists and social activists started arguing that women often feel pressured or intimidated to comply with the sexual Hookup culture debate of males, rendering them unable to voice a clear opposition to performing certain sexual acts.

In order to put an end to all ambiguity, activists pushed for a more stringent definition of consent: Due process establishes that a person is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise, not that a person is presumed guilty unless proven otherwise. Even if cases of victims falsely accusing perpetrators of sexual assault are extremely rare, and even if many victims face the stigma of not being believed for their testimony, we should still trust the tradition of the rule of law.

Indeed, since our elders drafted the British Habeas Corpus Act inthey understood that the best protection against tyranny does not rely on emotions, assumptions or dogma; it depends on reasonable evidence. However, the bigger questions remain.

This last decade has seen...

How do we protect women and men against the risk of sexual assault and "Hookup culture debate" How should we define consent in a way that legally protects people yet respects the rule of law? Is consent even enough to reduce the incidence of rape and sexual assault? The New Culture of Sex on Campuscan be defined in a variety of ways Hookup culture debate from mere kissing to vaginal penetration.

However, it often implies a sexual encounter that is free from sentimental or romantic entanglements.

All Campus Chapters

According to "Hookup culture debate," students today do not have more sexual partners than their parents had during their time in college. The difference between both generations lies in the emergence of the hookup culture, which makes students believe that hooking up is the norm—even the desirable norm. The main takeaway is that this culture loathes attachment, relationship, Hookup culture debate and love; instead, it glorifies immediate pleasure.

Working within the hookup culture, college administrators and lawmakers have come up with the concept of consent. Here arises the fundamental contradiction of consent in the post-sexual revolution era.

In this round I will...

For partners to be straightforward about what kind of sexual acts they are willing to perform, they must build relationships of trust, respect and sacrifice: This is incompatible with the hookup culture. This column is driven from a very personal story.

It is safe to say...

It took me awhile to free myself from the expectations of the hookup culture that were alienating me; it took me awhile to realize, through my readings and experiences, what this culture truly is: Thanks to my renewed Catholic faith, I now view sex not as a way to attain immediate pleasure, but as a way to express love for a partner and to bridge a long-lasting, deep relationship.

But I also would like to open a conversation on campus. I believe the ideology of moral relativism has shown its limits. In order to truly tackle the problems of sexual assault and rape, we must combat the hookup culture itself. We must go back to the wisdom of religions and ancient philosophies, which uphold that what is legal is not necessarily ethical. Most importantly, we must figure out ways to foster a campus culture where students treat each other not as meat, Hookup culture debate rather "Hookup culture debate" human beings worthy of esteem and love.

Emile Riachi is a Trinity sophomore.

But in trying to stifle national conversations, Jackson has affirmed the permeability of our stories and the potency of our voices. We can take action We are currently witnessing a horrifying attempt by this administration to defend the motives and actions of racist and violent neo-Confederates bent Bre Bradham and Nathan Hookup culture debate 9: Sexual assault and hookup culture the voice of dissent.

Campus disclosure is under attack But in trying to stifle national conversations, Jackson has affirmed the permeability of our stories and the potency of our voices.