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Sanguine phlegmatic relationships


Great relationships take work. In fact, good relationships are hard to keep. However, we must never equate hard with bad. Great relationships are worth fighting for. I am pleased to be able to share that my husband, Nathan, and I have a fantastic marriage. I encourage Sanguine phlegmatic relationships married person or anyone considering marriage to study personalities.

In other words, you and the person you are in relationship with have one color or square of the personality chart in common, but are not totally alike.

Those commonalities in behavior and Sanguine phlegmatic relationships make the relationship easier because you naturally understand certain things about one another and are likely to have the same reactions to life circumstances. Having your secondary personality color or square differ provides just enough balance to keep the relationship interesting. Need I say more? When two sanguines get together, it seems the fountain of fun will never run dry.

My brother and his bride are both the popular Sanguine. They were both glowing with happiness. Sanguine marriages are exciting and fresh.

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