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Sexy thai wife


By rideswingsNovember 27, in General topics. In actual fact most women i would imagine probably find it flattering and enjoy the attention. The problem is your thai wife is not reassuring you in a successful way like your old farang wife did.

One can only speculate as to how and if she is failing or if it is your failure instead. Its an internal issue between the two of you. Having a sexy wife is not something I would imagine I would have to "deal with" rather something I would welcome but then each to their own.

I got married to my "Sexy thai wife" wife this year,after knowing her four years. She "Sexy thai wife" long and hard in a factory in a province of Bangkok, making computers from Dawn till Dusk for baht a month. It Took me weeks to get to know her, a little every weekand the rest is History. When Sexy thai wife came for a holiday last year, to see if she would like the British climate pri to marring, All i got was admiring lookslike, you Lucky Barstuardor maybe you dirty luck old man, My wife is 36, i am a young 55, and fit.

There is a bit of age deferents but not to much.

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Up to now she has had flowers bought her from some stranger, or strange man which ever, Her Answer was to say why don't you take them home for your wife, Chocolates, Asked for her Phone number by Boys half her ageNot knowing she is old enough to be there Mother, When we go out for a drink, which is not very often I get the odd comment now and again, I can Handel iti just take it as a complement, or there lack Sexy thai wife knowledge about Asian women.

My wife usually has some good put downs to themi just laugh at them. And think to myself I am lucky barstuard to have an attractive wife who cares for me. My GF is the manager of a Thai and Vietnamese art gallery selling modern contemporary art - a real gallery, with paintings from the top artists. She suffers under the double whammy of a as people think she is sexy and many farang think that all Thai girls are bar girls, she constantly gets hit upon often by quite revolting guys for the same reasons they assume she is incredibly stupid despite over 10 years in the business and 'ask to see her boss' 'say that the most successful modern artist in Vietnam is a cheap copy of Sexy thai wife Bacon' 'that such and such is a fake'.

She also has to deal with guys who come to her gallery 5 times, enquire about paintings and then on the fifth occasion admit they are not interested in paintings and only want to take her out.

On at least 2 occasions, this has reduced her to tears on the phone to me on one of those she actually had to call the security guard to escort the guy off the premises. If they confront the guy they end up feeling a lot "Sexy thai wife." So recently, an 'expert' came with a couple to help evaluate a painting and said to my GF 'not much of a painting but if I get them to buy it will you have dinner with me?

The other point is this. Thai girls, in general, take enormous pride in their relationships. If she truely is a sexy girl, there are lots of farang that she could have chosen and she chose you. So you should take pride in the fact rather than getting jealous over Sexy thai wife. If a guy tells you your wife is very sexy, just tell him 'if she wasnt she wouldnt be my wife.

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