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Validating z specifications using the prob animator and model checker


It allows fully automatic animation of B specifications, and can be used to systematically check a specification for a wide range of errors. The constraint-solving capabilities of ProB can also be used for model finding, deadlock checking and test-case generation.

The B language is rooted in predicate logic, arithmetic and set theory and provides support for data structures such as higher-order relations, functions and sequences.

Getting Started

ProB can be installed within Rodinwhere it comes with BMotionStudio to easily generate domain specific graphical visualizations. See for an overview of ProB's components.

ProB can now also be used as a Jupyter kernel to generate interactive notebooks. ProB is being used within Siemens, Alstom, Thales and several other companies for data validation of complicated properties for safety critical systems.

For commercial support contact the spin-off company Formal Mind or Michael Leuschel. More in Release History.

An alternate model checking engine using TLC well-suited for lower level B specifications is also available. An integration with LTSmin is also available. The ProB Licence can be found here. Automatically generated test coverage reports are also available. ProB covers a large part of Band we are striving towards full coverage of Atelier B constructs.

ProB supports B features such as non-deterministic operations, arbitrary quantification, sets, sequences, functions, lambda abstractions, set comprehensions, records, and many more.

ProB does support multiple machines, refinements, and implementations. ProB can also be used for automated refinement checking and LTL model checking.


It also supports almost full CSP-M process descriptions, to be used on their own or to guide B machines for specification and property validation. The state space of the specifications can be graphically visualized.

ProB is an animator and...

We now also have an online ProB Logic Calculator. ProB can be used within Atelier-B as a disprover and prover. Features ProB covers a large part of Band we are striving towards full coverage of Atelier B constructs. Retrieved from " http: Plagge, D., & Leuschel, M.

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