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Sw44 switch hookup


Question for Bell install experts. I am so confused on what you are asking ; Do you have HD right now?

Why 4 wires from 2...

And what receiver is this one replacing? I have the original HD receiver from Bell So unless you already have more than 3 TV's installed you are going to have to: Install the 4X4 multi-sat switch this will bring all 4 lines from your 2 82LNB and 2 91LNB into one powered unit that can now be split into 4 different feeds Will look something like this: Run another line from the multi-switch to the system so you have two coming into your receiver.

You could keep it with one line coming in but then you wouldn't be able to do things like: Because you are already have HD you won't have to touch the dish at all, you will just have to swap out the switches you have now for that 4X4 multi-sat switch and run one cable. I could use paint "Sw44 switch hookup" draw up a cheezy diagram if you would like. Here's some diagrams courtesy of Ken It says it's for the but it's the same set up as the You're going to have to do some rewiring and "Sw44 switch hookup" buying some cable [use R6 not 59] to set up your new Don't move your dish, it should be fine.

I'd go with option 3 here although I used 4 for a while but than I couldn't use any other receivers. Here's the link http: You'll have to figure out where you want to mount your Sw44 switch as it has to be plugged in and get co-ax cable at appropriate lengths. Try and get cables with compressed fittings as these are best. I have a powered switch but I think I might have to buy a bigger one. It's a four x four but I have two dual PVRs and another unit as well so that's five if I have this figuered out.

It's a four x four but I have two dual PVRs and another unit as well so that's five if I have this figuered out Yeah, the other alternatives are to use two SW44 switches [you probably already have two] with four splitters. This is described in a small pamphlet you should have got with your called an Installation Guide for the SW This is on page I'm not sure where you get the correct splitters though.

Another alternative is too add another satellite dish but some don't like the aesthetics. Sw44 switch hookup think Ken would be the guy to ask on how to go here though.

Don't have a lot "Sw44 switch hookup" time tonight to get into it, but I see 3 options for you: When I did up those instructions a couple of years ago there was an option of cascading SW44 switches together giving you a total of 6 outputs. It seemed more compicated than what I would be willing to do, so I didn't look into it much further as those instructions were designed to help the DIYer.

Depending on the wife factor; this might be an option for you- or it may not. The terms of the Bell agreement talk about not having the receivers in different houses; there's nothing stopping you from using two dishes. It basically allows you to one require one line to each receiver; then a seperator from each line to the two inputs on the and receivers. I'm pretty sure there is a diagram on DHC, but for some reason I can't get to their site at the moment; but I'm pretty sure there's a diagram showing how to use the DPP hardware.

Of course, the other option is to activate the now using the connection for thelet it run the updates, then hook it back up to where the single line runs in.

It will only give you single Sw44 switch hookup but at least its an option to start playing with your Xmas toy. Hope that is of some help. Way ahead of you Tries to go to a switch check on line 2 if you leave it idle though So the Dish Pro Plus is a splitter at Sw44 switch hookup receiver, avoiding the running of two lines?

DPP is a line of products. Never use the word "splitter" when talking about satellite signals. There is no such thing. And for me the best way I was able to get my head around how the signals worked was to stop using that word. Once you accept that there is no splitter, it starts to make more sense.

I sent Ken a PM but in case there are other opinions floating around. I mapped out my sat system and have this Then you take the straight 82 into the new 34 along with the exit 91 from the other 34 leaving you Sw44 switch hookup exit points in the new 34 Sw44 switch hookup need 2 for the Can you get a non HD channel like on the ?

Also, can you watch channel on the receiver, and City Winnipeg on the ?

The legacy SW44 switch is...

At the same time. I had the samethe same and the old single Sw44 switch hookup nonPVR HD receiver "Sw44 switch hookup" was using the feed that the currently has hooked up to it's SAT1.

So the diagram works Was just thinking if I replaced the 21 switch with the 34 to channel the HD feed into a multi out format. Am I off base. I'm not familiar with the 34 switch but from my reading it seems it's only meant to work for one satellite and that is why you have to use an SW21 to combine the signals from the two satellites for your HD receiver.

I don't think another 34 switch will work.

My suggestion would be to run two cables from your 91 transponder to your 34 switch. Two of the cables from this switch would run into your SW44 along with two cables from your 82 transponder. These four out cables from the SW44 would feed both of your dual tuner receivers. The other two cables from your 34 switch would only have the 91 satellite Sw44 switch hookup but that wouldn't miss much on an SD receiver.

You probably know better than me You leave everything Sw44 switch hookup exactly where it is so the SD duel PVR and are still sourced from the original 34, the output from the original 34 goes into the new one along with the 82 run from the other sat giving you four exit points for the HD of which you only need two.

You might get away with a 22 if there is such a thing, but a Sw44 switch hookup would give you more expansion. Or am I out to lunch? I don't think the 34 is meant to commingle satellite signals.

From my reading it's meant to take two feeds from one satellite and split them into four feeds. It may work to some degree but I think that is why Ken asked about getting different channels on different receivers at the same time. This is why you have the SW21 [which does commingle] connected to your HD receiver. The Sw44 also commingles two satellite signals.

Here's what I would try. Not sure if it will work, but somebody has to be the guinea pig.

I think it will work because of your success with the SW34 and the SW21 intertwined: So the will be running right from the SW34 so no programming from Then Sw44 switch hookup two inputs of the and the two inputs of the will run from the SW I'll see if I can draw up a wiring diagram tonight. OK, here's what I've drawn.

Keep in mind I've never tried this, so it may or may not work. I'll give it a shot where's a good place to buy the 44? If you want to do it now I would suggest "Sw44 switch hookup" City.

Edit- If buying on off eBay; be sure it is one that has the Dish Network logo on it, and it includes the power inserter. Some people will tell you the power inserter isn't needed, but in your case it is an absolute must have.

There are other cheaper SW44's out there, don't try to save a few bucks- I've heard nothing but bad about the off brands. Only thing is he says he prefers Certapay. I'd stick with Paypal- way more secure for the buyer. The inherant flaw in Certapay is the password.

The password is there to circumvent any issues with the transaction happening over email. The problem with an eBay "Sw44 switch hookup" is it's almost all done by email.

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