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Hobbies that attract women


Not all women are going to care how you spend your days from nine to five. Our hobbies sometimes say a lot more about us than our jobs. We are the ones who decide what we do with our leisure time, after all.

What you do in your free time says Hobbies that attract women lot about the kind of person you are, or, at least, the kind of person you want to be.

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Do you prefer to spend focus your leisure on athletic pursuits? But, what kind of hobby is going to impress the ladies? Your affection for late night video gaming might just impress some ladies.

Some women will definitely appreciate your mystery solving prowess. You might even find you share a love for gaming with your date. Your hobby of photography is sure to be viewed as sexy by potential mates.

Photographers capture moments that are forever recorded visually. Photography can be the ultimate intimate experience too. Think sexy boudoir shoots. Remember the scene from Titanic? When Jack paints Rose naked. You might not be able to paint faces that well. Art is sexy, no matter what. Way back in the days of high school, it seemed that the only way to get a girl was to learn how to play guitar.

You can learn Hobbies that attract women play Hobbies that attract women instrument Hobbies that attract women be able to impress women on a date. Learning to play music is tough stuff. If you happen to actually be good, more power to you!

Go ahead and sing a beautiful song. Surfing in the ocean can potentially be a dangerous endeavor. Are you a bookworm? Do you lose yourself in the written word and enjoy taking trips to other worlds and places?

Whatever you prefer, being a reader is sure to impress women. Reading, usually, takes some form of intelligence to do. Maybe you prefer staying in to a raucous night out.

If you've ever wondered what...

Being able to think outside the box? Writing is yet another creative pursuit that is sure to impress your love interest. You might also speak eloquently, which is a nice way to woo your beloved.

Write a beautiful haiku to show her you exist.

A guy who can dance is super hot. Well, the reverse is true. Good food, of course. A man who can cook is super hot. A man that knows his way around the kitchen and can make pasta from scratch? Cooking is a labor Hobbies that attract women love.

Eating a delicious home cooked meal together is the perfect way to create intimacy. Light those candles and pour some wine! It also means that you value teamwork. Team sports also often require attending practices. Team sports are impressive but so are solo sports. Running is a sport that requires a lot of dedication. Or, maybe you just enjoy spending time outside, breathing in fresh air.

The ten most attractive hobbies...

Runners tend to be fit and they also tend to really enjoy running. Other runners will swoon over your maniacal love for the sport. When you garden, you bring life to tiny seeds, that in itself is impressive. Your passion for growing flowers, vegetables, or herbs is pretty endearing.

Your love for the great outdoors and the exhilaration of climbing steep inclines is definitely appealing. Make sure your potential love interest is up for the same challenge as you, Hobbies that attract women. Breathe in that fresh air together and enjoy a picnic at the top of that mountain.

A guy who can build things, fix things, and create things from scratch is super appealing. A man who can build Hobbies that attract women patio. Watching a man perform physical labor? Women might just break things so they can invite you over to help. Do you constantly want to consume information so that you can be just a little bit more informed?

If you ever worry that...

A guy who seeks to better himself with the pursuit of knowledge is definitely appealing. Whatever way you like to learn. No matter who the other person is, potential love interest or not, the fact that your hobby is scuba-diving is very impressive.

The fact that you dive underwater is reason alone to find you amazing.

It must be magic! The fact that you know how to pilot an aircraft is obviously appealing. It means you can whisk a woman off for a magical trip. You can show a lady beautiful vistas.

You might even be able to land a place in the unlikely event that both the pilot and co-pilot perish from heart attacks on your flight to your romantic getaway. You might have expected this to appear on a list of sexy hobbies for women. Anyone who has the ability to successfully bend their body into a perfect downward dog is a pretty impressive person. Someone who has the focus and persistence to practice and hone their yoga skills? The fact that a man doing yoga is Hobbies that attract women super flexible also adds Hobbies that attract women to the appeal.

Think about how that guy can perform in bed. A guy who travels the world as a hobby is probably going to impress a few ladies. You might even be able to speak more than one language. If you can seduce a person in more than one language, well you deserve a trophy.

Volunteering is the most impressive hobby on this list. If you choose to spend your free time helping others, that says a whole lot about you. Please support TheClever so we can continue providing you with great content! Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. Ad Free Browsing Over 10, Videos!

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