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Sexualobster captain planet


Chris Voigt, has already created a buzz on YouTube with his animations on his own channel SexuaLobster. The first episode already has overviews. With Episode 2 premiering today, I got the opportunity to chat with Chris about animation, and just exactly what we are in for with this new Sexualobster captain planet. Chris — The artist who has had the most influence on me is easily Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragonball Z.

But, I grew out of it. Ari — Are you completely self-taught and what books would you recommend to others interested in animation? Chris — No, I have a Bachelor degree in Animation.

For example, life drawing. I hate doing it, but Sexualobster captain planet really improved my drawing. If you want to be good at animation, even as a hobby, go to life drawing classes. Chris — Actually, I almost never draw on paper now. I probably should do it often, but after 10 hours of animation I never feel like it. I find the Flash brush tool is adequate for sketching though. Chris — Absurdism, I guess. I collaborate with other writers for my non-SALQ films, most often with my friend Peter, so I think what unifies my films is the animation rather than the writing, which I think is pretty diverse.

Kind of reminded me a little of Sea Lab on Adult Swim, but in space. Chris — Those early Adult Swim shows showed me that you could make an engaging show that is worth watching with only a limited number of poses.

Captain Planet's Groove by SexuaLobster,...

Plot wise, it is set in the distant future when Earth is no longer habitable, and a colony ship with the last surviving humans are searching for a new planet to live on, but the guy in charge has different Sexualobster captain planet. Captain Drake is egotistical, chauvinistic, reckless and vain. He likes soaking in hot water and is bitter his singing career never took off. The Lieutenant is intelligent and competent, and cares passionately about the mission.

The Sergeant isolates himself physically and mentally from the rest of the crew and wanders around in a tracksuit. The Cadet is easy going but not very forceful and likes the Captain a little bit too much.

For all of you who...

Ari — The Lieutenant is not only the voice of reason, but comes off as a strong character, what was the inspiration behind her? In episode 5 the Captain puts a soft porn calendar on the wall and she burns it. Ari — What kind of fine oil does Captain Drake use on his mustache, and has he ever thought Sexualobster captain planet waxing?

The Captain has a limited supply of rare, highly illegal walrus grease. Wax is good for special occasions and wax parties but it is too rigid and unbending for everyday moustache activities. Chris — Actually, I regret starting animating under the name SexuaLobster. When I registered my YouTube account in I had no idea it would become a place where so much of my energy would go towards.

Sexualobster captain planet

I probably should have picked a more appropriate name. Chris — As soon as I could clutch a crayon in my talons. Ari — How did you get interested in Flash animation? Ari — How would you classify your brand of comedy?


LOL Chris — Those early Adult Swim shows showed me that you could make an engaging show that is worth watching with only a limited number of poses. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can Sexualobster captain planet if you wish.

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