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University of miami philosophy professor sexual harassment


In the days of Joe McCarthy, Hollywood screen writers and actors were the targets.

Today, it is University professors accused of sexual harassment. Even speaking out against a false accusation can be dangerous, as I found out.

One of the most widely discussed cases involves the philosopher University of miami philosophy professor sexual harassment McGinn, who resigned from the University of Miami after the University accused him of failing to report a romantic, non-sexual relationship with a 26 year old graduate student.

The University did not accuse him of sexual harassment. Yet bloggers accused him and this was enough to get McGinn disinvited from conferences and speaking engagements, and blacklisted in the profession. Inthe student making the initial complaint filed a lawsuit against the University of Miami, McGinn, and me. I had commented on the case and was accused of defamation. Despite his legal victory, the blacklisting of McGinn continues. His case is not unique. Other philosophers have been blacklisted and have found it impossible to find employment in academia.

One is former Northwestern University philosophy professor Peter Ludlow. He too has been prevented from giving papers and has been subjected to blacklisting in publishing. Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus.

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