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So you want to give a mindblowing, toe curling, dick owning, ball draining, cock worshiping like-your-life-depended-on-it blowjob that leaves your man twitching, drooling and completely Completely satisfied?

That, I can help you with. As a competitive athlete Tennis, grappling, fencing you realize that you often need to break your goals down into smaller pieces.

You need to work on your serve, your accuracy, net approaches and other elements until they all come together, then put them into action. A holistic approach discipline, practice, a keen mind Old lady sex tumblr a natural love Old lady sex tumblr the activity will take you to the greatness.

This is a guide for applying those concepts to sucking cocks. I consider myself an expert at sucking cocks. More importantly, men consider me an expert at sucking cocks. My first boyfriend, had me convinced that all the girls were deepthroating and doing it on a daily basis. A later boyfriend tapped into my submissive nature so deeply that I often spent literal hours worshiping his cock. Not so shockingly, you can get better at blowjobs by giving them.

Of course, it is ideal to give head as often as you can, if your goal is to become a talented cocksucker. In fact, there is a downside to this method:. Being known as a consummate cocksucker in the minds of those who you want to know is a unique pleasure. If it is his first time with you? First, choose a style that that you feel highlights your natural abilities and aesthetics. I personally believe there are 2 functional archetypes of cocksucking: For an example of the former, see Camille Crimson or Heather Brooks.

Sasha Grey and Jenna Haze are examples of the latter. These are obviously not hard and fast rules, simply pragmatic styles to use as a starting point. There are infinite degrees in between them, you simply have to get in where you fit in. I personally found, when beginning, it is easiest to simply be gentle and efficient. It lulls the man into kicking back and relaxing, allowing you to take your time and properly hit Old lady sex tumblr of his buttons en route to making him explode.

If your cocksucking is destined to be used on a particular man, you should obviously ask him which he would prefer. His choice will likely tell you which one you will initially be better at anyway. Take a not-quite ripe banana and peel it.

Turn it so that it curves Old lady sex tumblr and begin probing your throat with it. The banana will almost certainly turn to mush, so grab a new one as needed. This is simply to get you used to the idea of having things in your mouth. You should do this while on your knees. There are plenty of other positions to suck a cock, but when you are simply sucking a guy off simply to suck him off As in, not to lead in to any other sort of sex Being on your knees is unpleasant for you but simply amazing for him.

Next, take another not-quite ripe banana. DO NOT peel it. Your goal is now to turn that banana into mush using your lips.

No teeth, and no tongue. Using only Old lady sex tumblr lips, push through the peel of the banana until you can squish the actual banana. Do this with at least 3 bananas, times a week.

Our next target is the throat. Not a vibrator, but a dildo, one with a suction base. To truly simulate the blowjob, put the dildo on a chair, recliner, or something of a similar height of where you envision servicing him. Elevate it with books to account for hips. Get on your knees and get to work. Suck it, deepthroat it, gag on it, vomit. Worship this dildo like a god.

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You might feel a little silly at first, but concentrate on your goals. Wear lipstick and make sure that plenty of it comes off on the dildo. If you chose to be loose and wild with it, make a mess, let the spit fly. You will play the way your practice.

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Feel free to keep doing that if you want Old lady sex tumblr be mediocre at this. This routine will having swallowing swords in about a week.

Your goal should be to hit the switch in your brain that turns you from the intelligent professional Or whatever you are into a cocksucker.

You are a cocksucker, mind, body and soul. The setting is extremely important.

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