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In Brazil, there are 35 million male and female adolescents aged 10 to 19 years. Teenage pregnancy is considered by the Brazilian Www brazil girl sex com of Health to be a public health problem. Statistics show that the number of pregnant adolescents had been increasing year after year for decades; however, currently, it has been gradually decreasing.

Unfortunately, few educational studies have been conducted about the incidence of pregnancy in this Www brazil girl sex com group. In the State of Rio Grande do Sul, early pregnancies are of relevance even when the number of teenage pregnancies is said to have possibly dwindled. Pregnant adolescents account for For that reason, those adolescents who seek private and illegal clinics to terminate their pregnancies might have health complications caused by often poorly done abortions.

Those adolescents may eventually die and, in most cases, other causes of death will be included in their death certificates due to the fact that abortion is illegal. A survey indicates that Brazil has 5. Among these,were believed to have at least one child and onlyof them attended school; the remainingwere out of school.

Goal 5, which deals with the improvement of maternal health, has an indicator of adolescent fertility and highlights the importance to reduce it by achieving this goal and by its implication for other goals, since teenage pregnancy contributes to increasing the risks of maternal and infant deaths and often causes adolescents to miss out on educational and socioeconomic opportunities ONU, This goal, which concerns maternity among women and adolescents, establishes that maternal death be reduced to35 deaths perlive births by in Brazil.

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Deliveries by individuals younger than Www brazil girl sex com years accounted for A report on Millennium Development Goals points out that teenage pregnancy was reduced in some regions and countries.

However, it is still a problem and, in Latin Americait is estimated at more than 70 births for every 1, women ODM, The Ministry of Health acknowledges that, for several years, this was a problem among very poor people.

The implications of teenage pregnancy, clearly perceived in our daily life, are described as a concern that surrounds us and instigates our investigative efforts.

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In our preliminary analyses, we focused on pregnancy experiences, mother-daughter relationships, how sexual identity was revealed to mothers, and the links associated with pregnancy Quaresma da Silva, Schools are rife with gender markers and attributes and it is not possible to think of an institution without taking into account the social and cultural constructs of masculinity and feminility Louro, Institutions that fleed the pattern with important and revolutionary initiatives were suppressed by the military regime, after the coup inwhich banned all political manifestations.

In these parameters, sex education is pointed out as a transversal theme of the school curriculum and should Www brazil girl sex com interrelated with the content of various other school subjects.

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There is also the emergence of other themes deemed important by the country in the making of an inclusive and sustainable nation, such as Www brazil girl sex com, environment, gender, health and cultural diversity.

In other words, sexual education does not appear as a specific and mandatory subject in school curricula, but as an issue that teachers are challenged to interwine harmoniously with the school curriculum and extracurricular activities Ribeiro,p.

From these NCPs, schools should have the social commitment to implement sexual education activities for the pregnancy prevention, sexual and reproductive health and general biopsychosocial development of teenagers. The complexity surrounding this topic and its multiple mediations raise some questions that guide our analyses: What is sex education for adolescents like?

By whom and how is sex education conducted in the family environment? What happens to pregnant adolescents?

How are they treated by their peers when they get pregnant? What does teenage pregnancy mean in the school environment?

The aim of the present study was to describe how pregnant adolescents are treated in their schools and by their peers by examining sex education both in the family and school environments. Although the sample size is small, it is significant, as it refers to a very specific population: A qualitative chi-square test was used to compare frequencies, showing whether there is any statistical significance between the variables, i.

Simple frequency tables were built for the quantitative analyses of the structured questionnaires and later compared, revealing elements that ought to be commented on and explored based on their political implications and the biopsychosocial development of adolescents.

Regarding level of education, None of the adolescents completed elementary education, which is extremely alarming, since they are very likely to drop out of school if they get pregnant, as shown in Table 1. The adolescents were asked about whom they were currently living with. We found out that Table 3 shows that The Www brazil girl sex com sexual intercourse occurred at the age of 14 years in When asked what they thought the ideal age for the first sexual intercourse would be, By comparing the results of the latter two questions, we obtained the following result, Www brazil girl sex com shown in Table 4.

On the other hand, this qualitative result is valuable as it clearly indicates that the adolescents are aware that their first sexual intercourse did not occur at an appropriate age, allowing us to infer that it might not have been a "Www brazil girl sex com" experience for them and that they would not want their peers to go through that, as they suggest they should have had sexual intercourse later on. With respect to sex education received from their families, we asked the adolescents with whom they talked about it at home and This means that only one mother had finished elementary education, which is relevant in terms of the sex education they provided their daughters with.

In this case, apparently, the mothers do not care about instructing their daughters on sex-related matters or leave their daughters to their own devices; therefore, in spite of living with mothers who do not have a Www brazil girl sex com and have plenty of time to look after them, these adolescents end up getting pregnant early.

Who the adolescents lived with.

In your opinion, what is the ideal age Www brazil girl sex com the first sexual intercourse? At what age was your first sexual intercourse? Sex education at home. So, it is possible to say that all Www brazil girl sex com them had a first relative who had gotten pregnant in her adolescence.

As to sex education at school, we asked in what grade they were introduced to sex education. In what grade were you introduced to sex education at school? When the adolescents were asked whether they had continued their studies after finding out about their pregnancies, Possibly, adolescents have been influenced by the context in which they live or, as claimed by Bandura, Azzi and Polydorogetting pregnant early on may have been dictated by the cultural environment.

As pointed out, the results obtained herein demonstrate that, on the one hand, these adolescents are surrounded by individuals who got pregnant very early on such as their mothers, sisters, and cousins. On the other hand, if this model is not refuted, the probability that the behavior will repeat itself is similar to the probability observed in cases in which the model is rewarded for her behavior. Repeated behavior is reduced Www brazil girl sex com cases in which the learner expects that her behavior will be punished.

These findings are in line with those obtained for other cultural contexts Diiorio et al. Nevertheless, when we asked them why they ended up pregnant, Table 8 presents that, however, when we compared the data on how pregnancy occurred and why adolescents got pregnant, we found the following:.

One of them This finding reinforces our understanding that, given Www brazil girl sex com social group to which the adolescents belong, being teen mothers is quite common, as the recklessness they admit having not using protection is directly related to their desire to get pregnant, which appears to be common, well accepted, and highly valued in the social group in which they are inserted. Motherhood plays an important role in the construction of female subjectivity.

Perhaps this unconscious desire to be a mother may influence her so much that she is careless about protection during a sexual intercourse. After you got pregnant, was there any change in the behavior of your friends? In your opinion, how did you get pregnant?

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Why did you get pregnant? For an adolescent who is overwhelmed by the image of idealistic love, it is difficult to associate love and couple relationships with problems, suffering, or disease. This might also be a relevant perspective to understand why so many adolescents do not recognize or neglect the risks of pregnancy or of a disease whenever they have sexual intercourse and believe that having sex without protection is not a problem at all, but something that is trivial.

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Paradoxically, when we asked these adolescents about what they think of getting pregnant at such an early age, We agree with Butler when he says that speeches actually inhabit bodies, settling into them. We postulate that the stigma attached to teenage pregnancy observed in the school environment leaves these girls at the margin of society and prevents educational workers and policymakers from creating policies that facilitate carrying on their studies during pregnancy and after delivery.

Adolescents seem to understand that their importance and value just exist when they repeat what is reinforced by the social group they belong to: This study, conducted with pregnant adolescents attending an elementary school in Novo Hamburgo, southern Brazil, allowed us to identify situations and practices with a remarkable political implication, not only because they take place in public spaces such as state-owned schools, but Www brazil girl sex com because they are run counter to the desires and ideas of inclusion, equality, and respect for diversity advocated by the Brazilian Www brazil girl sex com. Pregnant adolescents feel they are not accepted by teachers in the school environment as they are from the ideal of feminility constructed for this stage of life; actually, schools do not take into consideration that pregnancy might have been planned.

We found out that most pregnant women who drop out of school are not stimulated by schools or by their families to go back to school. Quite on the contrary, abandonment is regarded as normal and there is no concern about that.

This is corroborated by the fact that there are no records of teenage pregnancies in the schools these adolescents attend, showing disregard for these abject bodies. We conclude that the absence of participatory methodologies Www brazil girl sex com the planning and elaboration of sexual education activities is one of the aspects that should be modified in schools, since the activities held throughout the year in elementary schools frequently emerge from the personal standart of those responsible for the task.

We point out the need to transform sexual education into a serious work, organized and constant.