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Phoenicopterus chilensis reproduccion asexual en


Reproduction and diet of a population of Mabuya dorsivittata Squamata, Scincidae in Cordoba, Argentina. Notes on the breeding ecology and conservation of snowy plovers Charadrius nivosus occidentalis in Paracas, Peru. Revision of the Peruvian species of Sebdenia Sebdeniales, Rhodophyta and description of Cryptonemia anconensis sp.

Necromass in forests of Madre de Dios, Peru: Alejandro Araujo-Murakami, Alexander G. Occurrence of Oncicola sp.

Bothriuridae On the taxonomic identity of Brachistosternus peruvianus Piza, Scorpiones: Abstract The true identity of Brachistosternus peruvianus Piza,a controversial Andean scorpion previously confused with Brachistosternus andinus Chamberlin,is established.

Both species inhabit inter Andean valleys of southern Peru and belong to the Phoenicopterus chilensis reproduccion asexual en Brachistosternus Ministernus Francke. A detailed redescription of both species based on external morphology, pigmentation pattern and hemispermatophore features are provided.

Bellocq MI (): Reproduccion, crecimiento...

New records for these species, along with brief discussions of the ecology and distribution are also reported. Scorpiones, Bothriuridae, Brachistosternus, Peru, Andes. Es muy probable que en la actualidad dicho material se encuentre perdido. De acuerdo con O. Maury confunde ambas especies probablemente porque no tuvo acceso a ejemplares machos adultos de los verdaderos B.

Brachistosternus andinus y B. Ojanguren Affilastro y C.

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