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His criticisms might also have kept the wilder proponents of the 'esoteric' approach within the bounds of reason.

Williams gave as his Inaugural Address an account of The Contributions of Former Members, outlining the work of twenty-two members of the Lodge. Three years later Bro. Before he delivered the Address he sent a copy to his friend, and predecessor as W. Flather made the following suggestion: That member was Dr.

William Wynn Westcott, the omission of whose name from the list of distinguished masonic researchers seems, on the surface, decidedly odd.

There is, however, a simple explanation. By the majority of masonic historians had come to look upon Westcott, and the school of research that he represented, as lying beyond the pale of accepted and acceptable masonic scholarship. Peter Westcott, had a practice at Oundle in Northamptonshire, but moved to Leamington Spa where William, an only child, was born on 17 December, His early life can be summarised in his own words, for in he applied for admission to an un-named 'Mystic Order' possibly the Societas Rosicruciana in Angliaand was asked to state 'all you care Duvie westcott wife sexual dysfunction reveal of your past life'.

I hardly know anything of interest to reveal. Degree, in Novemberand soon became a prominent citizen. In medical practice I have no mishap.

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Later, he was appointed, successively, Factory Surgeon, Public Vaccinator and Medical Officer of Health; and, as an early recognition of his administrative skill, Quartermaster to a Battalion of Volunteers. As to his social life and attitudes, he was, he said: A conservative Liberal in politics, and in social life giving less appreciation to Birth than many others; believing that Education, Morality and culture give as high standing as the accidental advantage of Birth or fortune.

I am a Member of the Church of England. As to amusements I prefer scientific ones such as Chess; or Billiards which I play a little. A third child was born in and it may have been the demands of an increasing family that led Westcott to move to London in Here he 'went into retirement at Hendon for two years, which were entirely devoted to the study of the Kabalistic philosophy, the works of the Hermetic Duvie westcott wife sexual dysfunction, and the remains of the Alchymists and Rosicrucians '.

Obituary in Ars Quatuor Coronatorum 38,p. Westcott was a dedicated physician and public servant: Lewis, ; he took his Diploma in Public Health inand in May he was appointed Coroner for North-East London, a post he retained until his retirement in His private life, however, was beset by tragedy. In the course of one year, toboth of his sons died, and in his second daughter committed suicide.

Following this tragic death Westcott wrote to his friend F. He sailed for South Africa on 20 Duvie westcott wife sexual dysfunctionbut he does not seem to have been happy in his retirement, overshadowed as it was by the deaths of his wife in August, and daughter in February Letter of 3 August The Freemason praised him as 'no mere dilletantist, but a thorough and judicious investigator' Issue of 8 Augustp.

DAVID WESTCOTT importance of song...

He later joined Brotherly Love Lodge No. Early in his masonic career, probably at Yeovil, Westcott met F. Waite described as 'a zealous and amiable Mason with a passion for Rites and an ambition to add to their number 5.

He joined the Duvie westcott wife sexual dysfunction of Swedenborgpresumably encouraged by Irwin, soon after the granting of its first English Charter in July, This Rite had no connection with Emmanuel Swedenborg the Swedish visionary, having been founded in the U. Woodford will help us willingly'.

Letter of 30 January, The whole affair seems to have been organised rather hastily, for at the May meeting according to the Summons Dr. Woodford was not only to be initiated into the Swedenborgian Rite, that Duvie westcott wife sexual dysfunction he was already a Master Mason but to take office as Junior Warden. It is doubtful whether many meetings of Emmanuel Lodge were held at Weston-super-Mare, for the Rite made virtually no progress and was clearly moribund by when Westcott then in London wrote to Irwin to say that 'Yarker and I are now trying to revive Swedenborg Rite, would you care to assist again?

The attempted revival failed, but Westcott persisted, attained the ranks of Grand Senior Warden and Supreme Grand Secretary and in recruited both A. Waite and Theodor Reuss to the Rite. Letter of 27 June In a postscript to the same letter he added: He may have liked the rituals but he recognised that they were unwieldy and warned Waite of their 'prohibitive length' when the latter borrowed a copy for transcription.

Referring to the loan in his private diary, Waite used the occasion to comment on Westcott: He is a man whom you may ask by chance concerning some almost nameless Rite and it proves very shortly that he is either its British custodian or the holder of some high if inoperative office therein. To some extent this comment was just, but Westcott did not succeed in every Rite that he joined.

In he complained to Irwin: I have seen in The Freemason that there have been meetings, but I have never been informed of them: Even though disillusioned he does not seem to have resigned, for inwhen writing to him about the Swedenborg Rite, he asked Irwin: How about the Apex, and Sat Bhai, I was made a Duvie westcott wife sexual dysfunction, and never had any communication from the order offered to me since.

Mackenzie tells me there is a fine Ritual, but I have never seen it. I should be much obliged if you would give me some information on these matters. Mackenzie also in an oracular manner, said she knew why I had been passed over, but decline to tell. Can you solve the Mystery? Letter of 2 September The most probable reason for Westcott having been 'passed over' is that the Order, in its original form, had become Duvie westcott wife sexual dysfunction if Irwin ever offered a more sinister explanation it has not survived.

Westcott was more successful with the Royal Order of Knights of Eri and Red Branch Knights of Ulster, to which he was admitted in by Irwin, who had apparently acquired rhe Order in from an American sea-captain. Fletcher, V incent Bird, Ben.

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