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Sexual fluidity and orange is the new black


The newest addition to the fictional Litchfield Federal Correctional Institution in the upcoming third season will help to continue the dialogue about a new variation of individuality.

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Ruby Rose will be joining the crime-comedy-drama series as Stella Carlin. The year-old Australian model and DJ will undoubtedly bring a new level of sass and sarcasm with her role, while hopefully shaking things up for the OITNB ladies. Her character will allegedly create some strife between main characters Piper Taylor Schilling and Alex Laura Prepon according to Elle magazine.

A relative newcomer to the U. What is notable about the newcomer is she identifies as gender fluid.

Orange is the New Black...

Although she openly self identifies as a lesbian, she feels very passionately about living a non-conforming life outside of finery restraints. Gender fluidity is best described as a dynamic mix of manly and womanly attributes and representations.

A person who is gender fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel more masculine some days, and more feminine other days.

It is important to point out that gender representations are societal constructs, meaning they are what we as a society deem to be true.

For the Orange Is the...

This is where Sexual fluidity and orange is the new black ideology behind masculinity and femininity are introduced, by certain attributes or behaviors we collectively assign to each identifier. Gender fluidity basically means that the individual does not identify with the typical binary way of thinking and therefore interprets how they will present themselves based on how they are feeling.

Rose wrote, produced and starred in a gender-bending short film called Break Free in It quickly went viral, accumulating over two million views. Rose has stated that the film is inspired by her own struggle with gender presentation and fluidity on her official website.

The film exemplifies her non-binary outlook, first portraying herself as the stereotypical blonde bombshell while simultaneously transitioning into the short haired stud look she rocks on an everyday basis. Rose is flipping the script on gender representations in the media world. Rose is also providing a beacon of hope for other non-conforming, transgender or gender fluid individuals by advocating for herself and her community with pride.

Cox has received an increase of media attention since the show started, helping her to share her journey as a Trans woman and provide her a large platform to speak for the progress of Trans rights.

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