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Dating a man who lives with his ex


I have dated this guy for about a year and a couple of months. We met each other through mutual friends. He is 10 years older than me and has two teenage daughters. I also have a young daughter.

The reason, he says, is because they were both having financial issues and he decided to move back to help her out. He was up front with me about it when we started dating. He has mentioned moving out and buying his own place, and says he is ready to leave because of the tension at home I can only imagine. How long am I supposed to sit around and wait for him to move out?

I really like him. Honestly, I love him and he knows that.

We have great times together, but the only problem is him leaving his situation. At times I get frustrated because I want to be able to go to his house and enjoy those moments together. But understanding that plan would require talking about uncomfortable things.

What does happen at home? Time for a little chat, I think. If he makes a plan, then great! If not, well you need to know that too.

Basically, she is living there...

Better than hanging around for another year. Ask him to move in with you and see what happens. The status quo is not going to change unless you take charge and set it in motion. He seems to be all set the way thing are, so what makes you think there is anything in the script that is going to prompt him to get out?

Face it, he is having the cake and eating it.

I recently started dating a...

Time to bail out. That should be his decision. You should, however, voice your concerns and ask your questions so he knows where you stand. Let me get this straight: Get The Weekender in your inbox:.

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