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Dating with a height difference


I am six feet tall. These are five very simple words. Admittedly, most of it had to do with boys. My gangly, awkward teenage self was convinced that she would never find her Prince Charming when all the available boys were repulsed by her giant-like stature. Even now, those five words feel slightly heavy as I try to nonchalantly toss them into a conversation.

Still, the science of what...

Do other women care so much about height in relationships? It seems a little silly when you think about it. How can something as seemingly trivial as a few inches of height or lack thereof matter so much?

Life coach and relationship expert Patrick Wanis says that being attracted to height is a universal human trait. We all have different traits that we look for in a potential relationship.

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Some women even recognize this instinct at work. So why do people still have trouble letting go of this notion that the man should be the taller one in a relationship? Thanks partly to our instincts and largely to the media, the image of a tall man with a shorter woman has become a social norm that many people feel uncomfortable breaking.

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