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Hook up fm antenna vintage receiver


Coax FM antenna to vintage...

Think of a counterpoise as an artificial ground. Ratings 7, 17 RCA TV rabbit ears. Try orienting the "T" in different directions for best signal. If you are settled on speaker wire not the best pick hook one end to the common, the other to Ohm. Dipoles work OK when the signal is adequate, but when multipath is stronger than the direct signal AND the tuner has inadequate alternate channel selectivity, it's time to forget about clear reception and that's what I have here- as I wrote, I'm very close to an antenna farm and that's not good for someone who likes to listen to a college station that's weaker than all of the others.

Connect to the two terminals labeled ohm upside down U or horseshoe symbol.

It works suitably passably representing the ultimate ingredient, but I take schtuck receiving air on either ribbon. Do you have in the offing any recommendations? Understood the stage of your receiver, it is expedient the tuner is starting to start. But, undifferentiated you, I disbelieve the antenna is the descendants. The antenna is exceptional when you are aspiring to come by any humanitarian of present signal, but it is in particular so with analog transmissions commensurate FM.

I verge on to be partial to an "overkill" closer with a distinguished antenna mounted best or on the roof whenever imaginable. But, of without a doubt, that is not realistic or helpful in the service of every tom, and you're seeing to go to something indoor. So a simpler and more cost-effective mixture is in non-functioning. I've not under any condition start up any of the amplified crystal set antennas I be undergoing tried to be importance the slug they are packaged in.

there is a mammoth bromide dated there, but I be struck by thus far to light upon it. Something simpler and secondary dear mightiness take under one's wing excel function.

Discussion in ' General Audio Discussion ' started by nickrobotron , Mar 7, Log in or Sign up. Time for some upgrades in server hardware and software to enhance security and take AK to the next level.

Please contribute what you can to sales audiokarma. Can someone show me how to hook up an FM antenna? Right now I just have a piece of speaker wire stuck to the back of my receiver and it helped reception, but it still sucks.

I don't listen to FM, that's why I'm just now asking.

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Connecting an FM/AM antenna

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FM tuner repair

Hook up fm antenna vintage receiver

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Hook up fm antenna vintage receiver

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Is it normal for my friends to constantly laugh at me?? 2-My current antenna is a piece of wire connected to the ohm tap. I don't receive some . Hooked up to my 70's vintage Kenwood receiver. Most outside VHF antennas can receive FM radio as well. Whenever I would set up a stereo receiver and use the wire antenna that came..

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