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Just started dating someone with depression


Chester Bennington committed suicide. Just two months after his confidante and close friend Chris Cornell succumbed to mental illness. They were men who had everything from money to fame to family and friends to call theirs. Depression or mental illness is not necessarily triggered by the absence of a certain thing in your life. It is a state of seeing no meaning in all that you have. This raises one question not a lot of people are asking. What is it like to date a person with depression or anxiety.

But a friend does and I thought maybe her story needed to be heard. She was being dragged to the dance floor. The man standing at the balcony smoking a cigarette, turned to her and said a chirpy Hello.

Straight from his heart. They looked great together. Him tall, broad, fair. Her, tall enough to reach "Just started dating someone with depression" shoulder, dark and beautiful.

They looked like a divine pair. He was the Greek God and she was an Indian Goddess, who were caught in the web of a lot of differences but a lot more love. Until one day he cancelled Just started dating someone with depression her for the third time that week. His inability to tell her what the problem was, drove her crazy. It was a big fight.

The first of many. Two more months into a tumultuous relationship, he broke down. He shook out of it soon enough. He loved her to bits but he was unworthy of her love.

1. Depression is Complicated and...

She loved him enough to never think their fights would lead to calling quits. And yet, why was she faced with a day such as this.