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Why don t women find me attractive


Well you might be right, but not for the reasons you think.

To Smile… Or Not To...

This guy is the first one to volunteer to help her move but the last one she wants to sleep with. That kind of desperation is not attractive. If he fails or gets rejected, so be it.

For millennia, men have wondered...

That is far more attractive than a guy who just tries to get people to like him. This guy needs to have a girlfriend or dates lined up just for his own validation.

Why men pull away after...

His self-esteem is based on how women feel about him. When women want to date or have sex with him he feels good about himself. If there are no women in his life he feels worthless.

Women are intuitive and they can pick up on this needy vibe a mile away. When they catch that scent of neediness, they stay the hell away. This guy sings her praises without even knowing anything about her.

When you see an attractive women during the day practice seeing her for what she is by taking a wider perspective beyond her looks. When you see women in this light it allows you to form a more genuine connection with them.

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