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Bisexual pride colors


Jennifer Wilber is a writer, teacher, and bisexual rights activist from Ohio. These symbols usually integrate a specific color scheme of pink, purple, and blue. Here are a few of the Bisexual pride colors common symbols used to represent bi pride.

The bi pride flag is the most well-known of the bi pride symbols.

The bisexual pride flag was...

The bi pride flag features three different colored stripes; a wide magenta stripe, a narrow lavender stripe, and a wide blue stripe. It was first unveiled at the BiCafe's first anniversary party on December 5, The most important design element in this flag is the lavender stripe. The exact origin of the bi angles symbol is unknown, but there are theories suggesting that the colors Bisexual pride colors represent masculine, feminine, and non-binary attractions.

It is also possible that the colors represent the same meanings as in the Bisexual pride colors pride flag and represent same-sex attraction, opposite-sex attraction, and a combination of the two. The use of the pink triangle as a pride symbol is controversial, however, due to its origin as a concentration camp badge forced upon gay men in World War II.

The bisexual double moon symbol was created in by Vivian Wagner specifically as an alternative to the bi angles symbol, which incorporates the pink triangle symbol associated with concentration camps. This symbol is most popular with the bisexual community in Germany and surrounding countries, though bi people throughout the world may use it as well. The double moon symbol consists of two crescent moons, each featuring a gradient from blue to pink, creating a lavender color where the two main colors meet.

As with the bi angle symbol and the bi pride flag, the double moon symbol "Bisexual pride colors" the colors blue and pink, with a band of purple to represent bi attraction. A combination of the standard symbols for male and female can also be used to represent the bisexual community. The center symbol typically represents the bi individual, either male or female, with an additional male and female symbol on either side. These gender symbols may be colored in shades of pink, purple, and blue to coincide with the other bi symbols.

By having visible symbols of identity, bi people can show the world that they exist, and let other bi people know that they are not alone. If you want to show pride for your bisexuality, feel free to display either the rainbow flag or the bisexual pride flag.

Colors in Palette

You may also wish to wear clothing or jewelry featuring either of these flags or color schemes to show your pride. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

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