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  • As a parent it is natural to feel a bit uncomfortable every time your teenager sits behind the wheel of a motor vehicle on road.
  • After logging, you will be able to access your account home page which will look like this:
  • Pulpit rock. Wrong username and/or password!. Spy Tec GPS Tracking Support Page. Activate your GPS Device. (GPS Activation Form). Access the Tracking System. ( STI_GL User Manual.

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Do you admit to others that you met someone off the Internet? Pulpit rock. Wrong username and/or password!. After you have bought your Spytec GPS tracker the first step is to charge its battery. The second step is activation which involves setting up your account on the..

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Guide to GPS Trackers

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SpyTec GPS Tracker

Before diving into the specifics let us understand the battery capacity. For the first time you must charge the tracker for a period of 8 hours or until the red LED goes solid. Monitoring the driving habits of your teen via a GPS vehicle tracker is not spying or lack of trust. The battery comes in weatherproof case with 4 industrial quality magnets at its bottom. However for products such as a GPS tracker we may need a complete and detailed user manual from time to time.

For Spytec GL there are 3 plans available: This is the most common problem faced by not only GL users but by any GPS tracking device users in general.


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After booting the red light will be dark. Enter old password, then enter the desired new password and confirm new password; and press SUBMIT to change the password. The box ccan be stuck on the bottom of your vehicle or its chassis. Rather it is out of love and care that a parent installs a monitoring device in order to be connected and be present in time when they need help.

It flashes quickly every second when the GPS tracker is searching for a cellular signal. For Spytec GL there are 3 plans available:

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