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Online identity and stigma management in post-stroke aphasia. This study aimed to investigate online strategies for re-negotiating identity, in terms of stigma management, developed by working-age Swedish Internet users with post-stroke aphasia, i.

Interviews were conducted with nine individuals agedthree men and six women with post-stroke aphasia. In addition, a total of 1, screenshots of online posts e. Drawing on social semiotics specifically the three dimensions of online communication mentioned by Kressi. Regarding composition, three themes emerged: Relying on others or technology, Beyond speaking and writing, and Controlling speed and timing.

The participants rarely posted content about aphasia, but some of them used the Internet to raise awareness. Different online contexts had different meaning to the participants in terms of identity.

Being open about the aphasia in one forum did not imply the same behaviour in another forum e. For the participants to pass Goffman,should they want to, they needed to control all three dimensions. If the context or the composition revealed the stigma, controlling the content Describe yourself in three words dating website not enough to pass.

The multimodality of the Internet Describe yourself in three words dating website the participants to manage their stigma in a variety of ways and to choose whether to be perceived as persons with aphasia or not.

Human language is the mediating tool through which we express and construct our identities Edwards, ; Van Leeuwen, We are, in many ways, the signs we make, i. We create and revise images of one another by interpreting verbal and non-verbal signs.

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What becomes of their identity — offline and online — when they become unable to use their words? These questions are crucial for people living with aphasia, since their language is severely impaired overnight, possibly evoking identity crisis Shadden, and stigma Goffman, Therefore, we investigated online strategies for re-negotiating identity when living with aphasia.

Our specific aim was to identify online strategies for stigma management developed by working-age Swedish Internet users with post-stroke aphasia, by scanning online data for stigma symbols and compare those to interview data. The study is relevant to people living with aphasia, because of the potentially increased knowledge among clinicians, researchers and technology developers. Awareness is raised about the importance of including identity issues and online aspects within aphasia rehabilitation and the need of further research in this field.

In addition, knowledge about disabilities like aphasia is required to create accessible and inclusive technology. "Describe yourself in three words dating website" about the Internet as an emancipatory environment for people with disabilities is contradicting Thoreau, On one hand, the Internet may be empowering because of its disembodying capacities.

For instance, Buckley argued that teachers with physical disabilities may benefit from teaching in online settings compared to traditional classrooms, due to the potential disembodiment. On the other hand, when studying identity construction of people with disabilities, specifically on dating sites, Saltesp.

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Many studies of identity and disability assume intact linguistic function. Those participants were literate, though, meaning we cannot entirely compare their situation to those living with language impairments.

Aphasia is a language disability caused by brain injury, most commonly stroke. One central question is whether to be perceived by oneself or others as a person with aphasia or not Hinckley, Despite the fact that the Internet forms an important part of Western literacy practices Barton, and hence our identity construction, only a few studies combine aphasia, identity and online communication.

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