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Schmitt 2019 sociosexuality


Psychological Barriers to evolutionary psychology: Ideological bias and coalitional adaptations. Archives of Scientific Psychology6, — Gossip as an intrasexual competition strategy: Predicting information sharing from potential mate versus competitor mating strategies. Evolution and Human Behavior. Mate preferences and their behavioral manifestations. Annual Review of Psychology, 70, Sex differences in long-term mate preferences.

Why do women regret casual sex more than men do? Personality and Individual Differences, Thirteen Misunderstandings About Natural Selection. Mate competition in Pakistan: Mate value, mate "Schmitt 2019 sociosexuality," and competitor derogation.

Schmitt 2019 sociosexuality and Emotional Infidelity: Perspectives on Psychological Science, Vol. Why Women Wear High Heels: Evolution, Lumbar Curvature, and Attractiveness. Frontiers in Psychology, 8. Emotion ReviewDOI Do ideologically driven scientific agendas impede understanding and acceptance of evolutionary principles in social psychology?

The politics of social psychology pp. Sexual Conflict in Human Mating. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 26 4 Euclidean distances discriminatively predict short-term Schmitt 2019 sociosexuality long-term attraction to potential mates.

Evolution and Human Behavior, 38 4 Springer International Publishing AG Sexual regret in US and Norway: Effects of culture and individual differences in religiosity and mating strategy. Personality and Individual Differences,— American Psychologist, 72 4— The mate switching hypothesis. Personality and Individual Differences, The evolution of desire. Tests of competing explanations of sex differences. Evolutionary Psychology, 14 4 Jealousy, Infidelity, and the Difficulty of Diagnosing Pathology: Do mate preferences influence actual mating decisions?

Evidence from computer simulations and three studies of mated couples. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1 What predicts romantic relationship satisfaction and mate retention intensity: Evolution and Human Behavior37 6 The tripartite theory of Machiavellian morality: Judgment, influence, and conscience as distinct moral adaptations.


Mate preferences in Brazil: Evolved desires and cultural evolution over three decades. Personality and Individual Differences95, Personality and Individual Differences, 92 Human Mate Choice, Evolution of.

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