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Ninjutsu richmond va


Welcome to our homepage! We were featured in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on March 22, while practicing one-handed techniques. At the heart of our training is the ability to adapt moment by moment with body, mind and spirit integrated together to suit any situation.

This adaptive approach gives us greater opportunity for success in protecting ourselves and those we care about. We begin with slow movement to understand the dynamics, and then as knowledge and skill grows speed and power can be adjusted with less risk. CLASSES focus on Ninjutsu richmond va sound basics, learning traditional techniques and lessons, and being able to apply them to modern situations. We return to Japan on a frequent basis to keep current with Soke Hatsumi and continue our martial arts education with the top instructors of the art:.

I was in Japan this year at Grandmaster Hatsumi's Hatsu Geiko 'first training' of among about 45 students. Nagato Sensei was using a kanji calculator in his class to explore the possible meanings it may have for us.

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The training began with Noguchi Sensei demonstrating the three striking techniques. Hatsumi Sensei talked about many important points, including controlling the space between you and your opponent, not predetermining the next moment, and showing various kyusho 'vital points' all around the eye, ear, and face. He mentioned this year we may be studying points of the ryu-ha 'family styles' of the Bujinkan during different periods.

We did some quick-drawing with a Shinden Fudo Ryu sword. It was a smaller, shorter, thinner blade, giving you a tool to defeat even Ninjutsu richmond va modern Iaido master. I remember Mark O'Brien teaching that the SFR sword was and heavier, using a guarding circular motion, back Ninjutsu richmond va the '90s. I guess SFR may have had different styles of swords. Hatsumi Sensei said he's teaching what you cannot remember, so move slow to learn.

He reminded us to keep the ferociousness of wild animals in mind.

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We also added weapons. He's looking good wrapping his opponent up like chopsticks with a bo and sword at 79 years old. During my two-week stay, Ninjutsu richmond va attended one of Pete Ninjutsu richmond va classes. He explained a lot of important points as he sees and I remember them: First, you must have a mobile, strong posture so that you are safe against all the forces around you.

Do not have a feeling of fighting because you must be aware of everything. An aspect of kyojitsu here is that you appear and are capable of fighting, but you don't - which may create a kind of vacuum as you continue taking away what the opponent s have. This is like an artist taking away rock to reveal the statue inside.

Move to a position where the attacker doesn't have any power or structure. Maintain an equal and continuous pressure everywhere so you feel the opponent's actions and are able to respond instantly. As soon as the attacker counts on something or makes a decision, you take that away from them. You are helping expedite their understanding of karma. The attacker goes from aggressive to defensive.

As everything goes wrong for them, and especially with Hatsumi Sensei's training partners, they freeze to prevent more pain. This is the best solution; the opponent just wants to stop fighting you altogether. Also there were so few people here at this time Noguchi Sensei pulled out the Bo and we were swinging those around at the Hombu.

The theme of Rokkon Shoujou was inspired by the Buddhist idea of purification of the six senses. Hatsumi changed the Kanji to give us 'Purification through Laughter' For our training this can be cutting away things not necessary to making a technique work such as extraneous tension in different parts of the body.

This is a continuation from last year - the Ninjutsu richmond va that we built Ninjutsu richmond va capacity leads to cutting away the unnecessary parts like our own bad habits and getting to the essence. Hatsumi Sensei was doing some seated techniques and was showing up everyone with his amazing flexibility he has even when he is close to 80 now.

Our training in the Richmond,...

I'm continually reminded how important the stretching and joint mobility is and to be able to keep moving and training all your life. Hatsumi Sensei was talking about how people decide what they are doing too early in the technique. Don't try to do something before you're really at the point… pay attention to what you are doing as you go, don't get ahead of yourself.

This reminds me of an Ninjutsu richmond va Karate Kid movie — if not getting ahead of yourself in a technique is rule 1, rule 2 is first learn rule 1. We heard about a hostage situation Grant from South Africa had been involved in. The statistics are that you will be involved in some kind of crime within 3 years of living in South Africa.

Ninjutsu richmond va

Our training in the Richmond,...

He arrived home with part of his family while the other part had already Ninjutsu richmond va taken hostage in their house. He didn't have a choice but to go in. When the gang of criminals didn't find enough valuables they started punching and kicking Grant in a circle. He used his ukemi 'receiving' to avoid most of the damage they delivered onto him. They took him into the bathroom and he knew they were going to kill him.

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They were all looking for his keys and from this he gave them some credit cards with fake pins. He avoided them taking his car by telling them it had GPS tracking on it, which it didn't. I was in Japan September of Kokoro 'Heart' was originally used, but Ninjutsu richmond va decided to use Tamashii 'Soul' since it is unchangeable and more consistent than the heart. The general idea seemed to be about growing your capacity in Budo.

A plant can only grow as big as the container it's planted in, thus we want to look at making our container bigger. Another training idea at this time was rope and connection. The idea of connection could mean between you Ninjutsu richmond va the training partner, or your teacher. An example for training of how you can use the connection is to pulse to manipulate the opponent's nervous system and to control the opponent's body and space between you.

The Shitennou can also be considered a connection between us and Hatsumi Sensei. Training with them may help us understand him and see things within what he is doing we may otherwise not see. Not a very good idea to study under only one of them, because each has different characteristics. The more, the better. If you train only Ninjutsu richmond va me, you won't understand this Budo.

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