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Chibi hacker


This article is wrong; hacking is when someone actually gets into the database or Chibi hacker like that. Blob talk contribs There are many types of hacking and definitions of hacking some are wikipedia has a disambiguation page here. This article seems to say that hacking only means stealing a password.

It may be best to move this article to a more specific name or delete it altogether. Bsteward talk contribs I think this part is still relevant, "Chibi hacker" needs to be fixed. In this article, should hacking be defined as actually breaking into the database, or also just as guessing a password? AonymousGuy talk contribs Scratch account Chibi hacker I really doubt that this happens; do we have a reliable source for that section?

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Hardmath talk contribs Chibi hacker, the hacker is the person who hacks an account, and the hacky is the account who gets hacked. How does the hacky know who the hacker is?

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I don't think the section on SQL injection should be here. There's next to no chance of it on Scratch as far as I knowand it's likely Chibi hacker just cause users who are unfamiliar with it to worry. Djdolphin talk contribs Is it really a good idea to have a hacking engine here, anyone could use it?

Except talk contribs Blob brought up this concern inbut it was sadly forgotten.

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However, the media distorted the term's meaning, causing possible confusion that paints hackers in the original sense in a bad light. Chibi-Matoran talk contribs I can imagine a security researcher scouring the Scratch Wiki in search of a contact address Chibi hacker disclosing security issues.

Jokebookservice1 talk contribs The Scratch Wiki is made by and for Scratchers. Do you want to contribute?

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