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Dependent origination buddhism definition of sexual misconduct


The plight of those being harmed was not put at the centre of the discussion.

Pratītyasamutpāda commonly translated as dependent...

Instead, representatives of organisations in which abuse happened used the opportunity — either intentionally or unintentionally — to make themselves the centre of attention, while whitewashing the history of their organization, by presenting themselves now as types of experts or even trailblazers of protection from abuse.

Neither were testimonies of victims heard nor read, nor were the causes of abuse e.

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During that weekend, the DBU member congregation dealt with topics such as how to deal with right wing populism, islamophobia, racism and sexualised violence among Buddhists, as well as how to deal with critics and with Dependent origination buddhism definition of sexual misconduct topics in the public. The analysis provided in the second part can also serve as a tool to understanding how indoctrination can obstruct the common sense of religious practitioners, how it can blind them totally, or this analysis can serve as a tool to better understand the mechanics of indoctrination as it can be found also in Rigpa and as it seems in Shambhala too.

Survivors of abuse have expressed that emotional support, being taken seriously, someone really listening to them and compassion are the greatest helps at the very start — as well as later in their life. Therefore, any attention should focus first on the needs of a survivor and based on that, and in accordance with her or his wishes, should offer support accordingly. For some really good food for thought you can read these articles, by Lama Willa Miller, herself a survivor of abuse in a Buddhist community:.

There are legal issues that should or can be announced to the police for investigation. Certain crimes like sexual abuse of minors — especially when actively happening in the present — must be even announced to the police.

However, there is also harmful, unethical and abusive behaviour that cannot easily be dealt with in a legal context, or in the courts, because it happens in a legal gray zone. This is especially true when young women or men over the age of 18 or over the age of consent are manipulated into sexual relationships with a spiritual leader while their trust, openness, and spiritual longing or emotional needs are badly and harmfully exploited.

NRMs also benefit from a blind tolerance or liberalism of society and legal gray zones resulting from a lack Dependent origination buddhism definition of sexual misconduct legislation for such harming misdeeds like sexual abuse, abuse of power etc.

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