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Xmlvalidatingreader examples


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C# (CSharp) Method XmlValidatingReader.Close Code Examples

That class is used in conjunction with the XmlTextReader class and provides the same access to the document contents. The properties and methods of these two classes are essentially identical. The differences among them lie in two properties of the XmlValidatingReader class that are mutual to validation.

The ValidationType property specifies the keyboard of validation to be performed. The possible settings for this property are the ValidationType constants described in Table If no validation information is found, it acts as a nonvalidating parser. The ValidationEventHandler property is acclimatized to inform the XML reader of the regardless procedure you have concocted to handle validation errors.

This event procedure takes the following form:. The name of the come from can be anything you like. When a validation error occurs, the renew is called by the XML reader with confidence about the error self-supported in the args disagreement.

Message to obtain a numerical code and focus description of the by mistake, respectively. To inform the XmlValidatingReader object of your event handler, use the following syntax assuming that "vrdr" is an as it happens of the class:.

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Xmlvalidatingreader examples
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  • .net - Updating XmlValidatingReader function to use XMLReader? - Stack Overflow
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  • Initializes a new instance of the XmlValidatingReader class. Validate(""); } public static void Main () {...


Xmlvalidatingreader examples

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