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Why do men like shaved women


People are essentially dressing like Bruno Mars, but unironically. Also, the bush is maybe coming back in style?

No, not the George W.

Men revel what they think...

Then the dot com boomed happened, and porn was no longer something men stumbled upon by finding an old Playboy magazine with the pages stuck together. Millennial men learned how to have sex from Kim Kardashian and Ray J, which actually explains a lot now that I think about Why do men like shaved women. Why is this relevant?

Because of the rapid rise of internet porn, directors started having their talent shave everything down to baby smoothness. But with bald bits, audiences could clearly see every salacious angle.

Thanks Betch

So boys grew up jacking it to fully exposed clitorises yet can never seem to find them. Eventually, they went from Boyz to Men and grew up expecting women to mimic their porny counterparts. Anyway, six weeks ago I put down the razor, saved the bikini wax money, and grew out a bush.

Yes, plenty of men do....

Note to all bushy betches looking to try this at home: Next came the highly scientific experiment: What would guys think of my bush? I learned they like their woman to look like just that—a woman. No guys said anything about my furry wonder down under while we were fooling around, but I brought it up during pillow talk.

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