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Babillas reproduccion asexual en


Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Fauna silvestre Brian C. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Faboideaea new monotypic legume genus from Namibia. Oberholzeria etendekaensis, a succulent biennial or short-lived perennial shrublet is described as a new species, and a new monotypic genus. Discovered init is a rare species known only from a single locality in the Kaokoveld Centre of Plant Endemism, north-western Namibia. Phylogenetic analyses of molecular sequence data from the plastid matK gene resolves Oberholzeria as the sister group to the Genisteae clade while data from the nuclear rDNA ITS region showed that it is sister to a clade comprising both the Crotalarieae and Genisteae clades.

Morphological characters diagnostic of the new genus include: First records of Melilotus albus Medik. FabaceaeFaboideae in Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. This study extends its distribution to Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil, due to the recen Babillas reproduccion asexual en silvestres para uso ornamental.

Suku tersebut selain berperawakan pohon juga berupa terna. Penelitian dilakukan menggunakan metode jelajah di kampus I dan II serta studi pustaka. Sebanyak 3 jenis tumbuhan polong berperawakan terna telah didapatkan di lingkungan kampus, yaitu Babillas reproduccion asexual en pintoi Krapov.

Wright ex Sauvalle, dan M.

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