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Open the email in your inbox. Click on the link in the email. Continue to reset your password on FHM. She helped you assemble your starter DJ setup, and showed you how to acquire a few vinyl records. We certainly enjoyed her girl-next-door charms during the interview and admired how she opened up about her real passion.

They say that digital is more streamlined than vinyl, actually.

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Unlike vinyl records, music from CDs or digital tracks has the same quality throughout—even if you play them over and over again. DJ setups with vinyl can be more expensive, but getting the right equipment and storage for a digital rig can also rack up the costs.

Be prepared to invest in quality hardware, top-of-the-line software, premium music, and Jennifer lee sexy photo devices. This is where your organization skills come into play. You must amass a collection of tracks; file them in such a way that it would be easy for you to find and use them at recording sessions or gigs; and master how to pair the right songs to your chosen slave beats.

And you have to do it all night. What's Jennifer lee sexy photo idea of a good time with your guy? We are both foodies.

We like to go out and eat Do you go to clubs or party for fun? Doesn't your boyfriend get jealous? He gets jealous at times but he understands my work that's why we get along.

We're sure guys try to come on to Jennifer lee sexy photo during a gig. I think girls approach me more than guys do. I got kissed twice already.

What's the wildest gig or party you've been to? That night was a blur.

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Which one do you like better—dates at home or dates outside? A lazy daytime hangout or a crazy night out?

My work is to party, ha ha! Definitely, a lazy daytime hangout! Staying comfy and cozy wearing what you want or getting super dressed and dolled up for dates? Staying within the city or going out of town? I love going to the beach or go wakeboarding in a wakepark. Do you consider yourself crazy-fun and wild or chill and sultry?

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A little bit of both! Where can we see more of you?

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