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A place for discussion, advice and solidarity. Made by and for people who work in the sex industry. Please refrain from posting Nightshift co commenting if you are not a sex worker.

This subreddit is indicated to be read by past and current sex workers only. We can not enforce this, but please respect the space if you are not a sex worker Nightshift co choose to read anyway.

Anyone here have good experiences with Nightshift. Nightshift is a typical hobbiest site. It's "Nightshift co" great place to find clients but you need to sort through the asshats and the trolls because the site does not care about harassment of providers or keeping the place polite and respectful. They are backwards in their attitude towards the providers on the site, not improving things as providers need them but focusing on search engine changes and other issues that hobbiests care about.

I seriously doubt they make more money off the hobbiests than the providers, so it's the typical sexist and whore-phobic attitudes that prevail.

If you're thinking about using...

The only reason they jumped into the lead in the bay area after RB went down is Nightshift co they happened to have site-scraped RB a couple of days prior to the take down so they had the most accurate ads and snippets of reviews.

The ladies went there to retrieve data and the clients followed.