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Denver glory holes for women


Started by jonJanuary 15, Posted January 15, From what I know, they're a gay male thing in porn stores, etc. I don't think any woman is going to settle for that business. Posted January 17, That's more a "fetish" activity done in private than a "place that has glory holes" and is unpredictable. I'm sorry this wont help you if your looking for ladies locally. I travel to portland ore at least a couple times out of the year.

I have seen a few ladies out there that offer this Denver glory holes for women option. I have found very adventurous ladies there! Of course it's a fetish!! Don't you think it's a fetish even in an unpredictable porn shop? What I meant to point out is that no it's NOT just for gay guys.

A "Denver glory holes for women" hole is a glory hole no matter where it is. A hole to stick your dick through and get it sucked. I'm from PA and there were hordes of gays who hung out in mall bathrooms, roadside rests, and porn shops. That's like a "normal" way for them to have casual sex. Meanwhile, a "fetish" by definition is a meaningless little quirk held by the person.

So, you saw hetero "glory hole" porn, you want to do it to get it out of your system, and it's a little bit of nothing. It's not a lifestyle type of thing.

Reviews on Female Glory Hole...

That's what I meant. The glory hole thing is a gay male activity and not something heteros have ever done. Posted January 18, Pennsylvania is not the Gay San Francisco of the 80s. Men even "Denver glory holes for women" men have been hanging out in weird places hoping for sex for ages. Gay men tend to stick to places that are exclusively gay. There are of course exceptions to every rule but the majority of men looking for glory holes aren't gay.

They are just dudes looking to get their dicks sucked. As uncomfortable as it makes some of you gents a dude blowing another dude doesn't mean that either one is really gay. You seemed to be just a little unclear on what a fetish was.

Meaningless quirk seems to not be part of the definition. Normally when people use the word fetish in the sexual context it means that they are really into something that isn't considered inside the realm of "normal". A glory hole is a glory hole as long as you can't be entirely sure who is on the other side. It doesn't matter where it is, the chances are greater of course of having your dick sucked by a man at a theater or in some random bathroom.

None of it matters though glory holes are all about "Denver glory holes for women" anonymity and a male regardless of sexual orientation getting his dick sucked. It might have been started within the gay community, but like Dweller said, it is now a flavor of porn this is where I have seen it with a man and a women.

It seems the thread is getting a little to involved about a gloryhole is and where it started. Denver glory holes for women is whatever that person wants it to be, its there fantasy. Actually, I'm an expert on the history of psychology and the word "fetish" means "useless" because fetishes are seen as a useless activity.

The same goes for a "magic" item. I'm pretty sure that a doctor named Kraft-Ebing look him up applied to term "fetish" to focused non-procreative sexual obsessions. He coined the term "masochist" named after a poet and many other terms we use today.

In the sexual sense, fetishes were seen as useless obsessions that distract from forming meaningful sexual relationships. People with fetishes tend to objectify humans and aren't people focused so fetishes were seen as a mental problem. The origin of a fetish is a secret desire to not bond with others. So, the concern was that the fetishist would never develop a family life and die alone.

An example would be a guy who only likes "feet" and rates people by feet related criteria. He sees people as living feet and does not see them as personalities.

Thus, he never connects with real people and can easily dismiss other humans based on the extremely shallow idea that they are feet only. Since moving here, I have seen none of the gay activity I mentioned in CO.

Someone from Colorado posted a...

But whatever the case, the glory hole culture is strong there and it has nothing to do with women. My point was that you aren't going to find free hetero glory holes and I know of no setup where you can find that kind of scene paid or not. If you're a male homosexual, you can find that scene for free and in plenitude all over the place. Another poster mentioned that some escorts provide the situation but to me that's like a play vs a real life situation.

It's not my fantasy, so whatever works!

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I'm sticking with Ms Kitten's explanation, which was accurate, verifiable, and started with "you're wrong. Posted January 19, On a side note ladies this might be something you could explore if you have a steady incall where you could modify a door.

Sounds like something that would be fun. Just saying, hint hint: I have been to probably five AMPs in my life, and I can't fathom finding glory holes there. I agree with the majority here that you won't find women on the other side of any such wall. It's a gay thing, and yeah, it matters who is doing the sucking.

I see you are a student of the historical literature on glory holes. A study of the merchant seaman and his occupation" interesting title in Denver glory holes for women ways. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in.

Does anyone know of an AMP that does gloryholes? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I knew a couple of providers down in Texas that had a special door in their Incall that had a glory hole in it. It was a 50 buck deal. You would show up, pay and then she would go in the room, close the door and you would stick it through.

Apparently it was "different" and a lot of guys had this fantasy but wanted to insure it was a female on the other side. Granted you couldn't be percent sure cause maybe a gay friend was also hiding in the room but it seemed pretty legit Denver glory holes for women me. Okay I originally posted thinking it was the OP that commented. That's what I get trying to do this on an iPhone.

No, I think it's the way a lot of gay male sex plays out. I would like to thank the comments. I have two comments about the subject. This is a fantasy just like a threesome, greek, or a gangbang. Thanks again to everyone involved in the discussion.

Actually, I'm an expert on the history Lets go back to the OP question. He asked if there where any AMPs that provided this as a menu item. He wasn't looking for free.

The answer to that question from me was and still is.