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English grammar lesson present perfect description for dating


We often use time expressions like every day, once a week, on Fridays.

The present perfect is formed...

I check my email every day. For positive sentences, use the same form as the infinitive without 'to' for I, you, we and they. For he, she and itadd - s or - es to the infinitive.

They live in Rome. I don't eat meat.

How long have you studied...

It doesn't usually snow in October. Why do you read the news online every day? Does the supermarket sell stamps?

We use the present continuous for things that are happening at the time we are speaking, for temporary situations, and for activities that are in progress. Can I call you back later? What are you doing? They are often verbs of thinking and feeling, for example: Could you explain that again?

We often use ever and never. Have you ever eaten sushi?

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