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The island nation of Mauritius has seen people of Indian origin at the helm of its national affairs ever since it achieved political independence. Today Indo-Mauritians not only occupy some of the most influential posts in the country but constitute the majority of the population. This large scale presence means that the Indian origin community has evolved its own cultural practices — reflected in dating and matchmaking trends — which are the product of both its Indian roots and adaptation to a different environment.

However the major phase of immigration took place after the abolition of slavery when the first indentured laborers from the India arrived at the Immigration "Matchmaking mauritius" to work in the sugarcane fields on the island. The laborers were primarily Bhojpuri-speaking people from the Indian states of Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh even though later immigrants also Matchmaking mauritius people from Gujarat, then state of Bombay and other parts of India.

From the beginning of twentieth century, Indian immigration to Mauritius consisted of businessmen as well as professionals like doctors and lawyers. In the recent decades, Matchmaking mauritius Indian workers from various parts of the country have migrated to Mauritius to make major contributions in sectors like information technology, finance and hospitality.

Of these numbers, almost half is comprised by descendents of former Hindu indentured laborers from North India while a quarter is Muslim and the remaining Christian. Because of the long history of Indo-Mauritians on the island, the population is evenly distributed all over the country. Dating and matchmaking practices "Matchmaking mauritius" Indo-Mauritians are the result of over one and half centuries of expatriate life.

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Since the community forms the majority ethnic group "Matchmaking mauritius" Mauritius, they have been largely able to continue with many social traditions of their ancestral country. This is primarily reflected in the adherence to arranged marriages and caste system which still informs matchmaking decisions among many Indo-Mauritians.

The Bhumihar Brahmins among Indo-Mauritians especially continue to follow many of their cultural practices Matchmaking mauritius there are still instances of marital relations with their "Matchmaking mauritius" villages in North India. Other religious groups among the Indian origin Mauritians like Christians, Muslims and Sikhs have their own matchmaking traditions which are by and large followed from one generation to other.

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At Matchmaking mauritius same time, the physical distance from the motherland has resulted in the Indo-Mauritian community being relatively free to evolve their own cultural practices in response to the Matchmaking mauritius of making a new Matchmaking mauritius in a new land. As a result, the community has also seen a fair share of inter-community marriages where a descendant from a Bhojpuri-speaking family may settle for a Gujarati or Tamil partner.

Marriages between partner of different religious groups like Hindus and Christians or Sikhs though still rare do not face as much opposition as they used to be in the past. Indian origin singles dating and marrying into other ethnic groups like Franco-Mauritians and Sino-Mauritians can also be seen in greater numbers than before.

Despite their relatively fewer numbers, Franco-Mauritians continue to comprise of the social and economic elite in the country and till recently were strict about not marrying outside their ethnic group.

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However with increasing economic and political clout of certain Indo-Mauritians, the social barriers between the two ethnic groups are also being blurred. So even though some old and affluent Indo-Mauritian families continue to send their children to India for studies or matrimonial alliances, the younger generation is demanding a greater say in decisions which Matchmaking mauritius to do with their personal life.

The long history of Indian settlement in Mauritius has given rise to a number of Indo-Mauritian associations which provide ample opportunities for young people to meet each other. There is the Indo-Mauritian Chamber of Commerce which acts as an umbrella Matchmaking mauritius various other Indo-Mauritian business and professional groups.

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Cultural associations found by Biharis, Bengalis, Gujaratis, Tamilians Matchmaking mauritius other Indian linguistic groups regularly organize programs and festivals which not only celebrate their Indian roots but also encourage young singles to date and marry Matchmaking mauritius the community. Along with acting as places of worship for their respective followers, these associations are important venues for interaction among the young people of a community.

The arrival of the internet has vastly accelerated the process of inter-community and inter-ethnic dating among Indo-Mauritians. There are several websites that allow young people to meet and date potential partners from various ethnic and linguistic groups.

Social networking and dating sites not only allow young people greater freedom to exercise personal choice when looking for partners but also allow them to know more about each other even when living in different countries or continents.

Indians in Mauritius have come a long way from the days when Matchmaking mauritius first boat carrying indentured laborers landed on the Aapravasi Ghat in While the community still lacks the economic clout of Franco-Mauritians, the cultural and political influence that it exercises today is the result of its numerical strength as well as Matchmaking mauritius years of hard work.

Today Indo-Mauritians have doing better than ever and a measure of Matchmaking mauritius successful integration is evident in their cultural life, including dating matchmaking practices. Skip to main content.

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