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Rukia and ichigo for bleach are they dating


Both Rukia and Ichigo woke up knowing they had tell each other their feelings even if they didn't feel the same, otherwise it would drive them both insane wondering. They both came out of their rooms at the same time causing them to stop for a second to look at each other and say good morning.

They stood there in an akward position for a minute looking away from each other. Rukia's hands in front of her and Ichigo had his hand going through his hair. Then Ichigo suprised Rukia and said. Just like her dream, Rukia's heart skiped a beat at hearing these words and hoping she wasn't dreaming again pulled him down by his shirt and gave him a deep, passionate kiss that felt like lightning through their bodies.

They only broke the kiss to breath. They walked down the stairs to breakfast and Isshin tried one of his sneak attacks. Ichigo quickly stoped him with a kick to his lower section. Ichigo really didn't want his dad to spoil the morning. Ichigo and Rukia both got so red Reji"s hair would have looked white in comparason. Everyone was quite for a minute until Rukia asked. Isshin complied and sat at the table as Rukia and Ichigo did the same. After breakfast Ichigo and Rukia said they would be back before Rukia and ichigo for bleach are they dating.

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They both decided to see a movie. As they were walking to the movie theater they seen a guy selling flowers on a cart. Ichigo stoped and got Rukia a red rose.

He handed her the rose and she kissed him on the cheek as a thank you for the rose, them both going pink in front off the man. They continued to the movie theater and Rukia decided they would watch a movies about a man who kills you in your dreams.

During the movie Ichigo was suprised to see Rukia almost jump out of her seat, the fact they were wearing 3D glasse didn't help. Ichigo put his arms around her as the bad guy killed a guy in front of his girlfreind. Rukia instantly started to came down as she felt him wrap his arms around him.

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